Wednesday, July 17, 2013

what i wore wednesday # 9


Thanks for stopping by to my 9th edition of what i wore wednesday. A fun, frivolous, girly party that I like to attend every week because it is fun, and well, that's all, just fun.
Summer time is the best time for me to be extra purposeful in planning and attending these parties, otherwise, I would probably never bother putting anything on other than my jammies. I actually realized Saturday that it had been 5 days since I had put on any make-up. In my defense, the only places I had gone that week were the water park (who wears make-up to the water park anyway? It's bad enough that I end up with horrific looking hair, I'm not interested in adding the smeared make-up look to my less that stellar appearance) and Wal-Mart. And sorry ya'll, but I refuse to waste my time and precious, expensive make-up on a 20 minute trip to a store that I hate with a passion. Don't worry, I don't go with my pj's on, and sometimes I'll even slather on a touch of lipstick just to keep what remains of my fashion integrity, and to feel at least a little decent in a place that makes me want to shower when I get home every time I go.
Here is a little peek at what I wore around the house one day last week with my clever way to hide my blah looking face. Not very flattering, but comfortable beyond measure...
                                        photo 101a7f41-d42b-4d29-87b2-321009b57394_zpsf50dc02d.jpg
The following sunny outfit is what I wore to Church last Sunday.
 photo 48da7641-0de8-4007-9e84-4856be557a94_zpsc5ca736f.jpg

 photo dd76e40e-096b-4b6f-8001-f3ebc8b1969d_zpsf1db3c44.jpg
This is the -after church, un-tucked shirt, reading glasses, I need to study my photography book for the rest of my life- look. I put my necklace back on to take the picture, but somehow I forgot to add the right earring to my look.
 photo 2bcd9af3-4320-491d-9c60-a8ad0629fb79_zpsb47d64dd.jpg
Boyfriend White Jeans: Old Navy; Shirt: Old Navy; Necklace and earrings: Vera Wang, Kohls;
 Flip flops: Tommy Hilfiger(via Ross); Belt: I've had it forever, no clue...

 photo 33235115-c8f9-4639-87a9-af5d5e62e608_zpscb6b5d7b.jpg

I love summer, I love sunshine, and I love yellow. So here is some more of that.

 photo 58a3a314-1515-4153-ab40-2d13627901e8_zps5bc6ae04.jpg

 photo 428fd523-abba-4e86-b99d-98d4a6e758ce_zps55430ce0.jpg
Top: Gap Outlet; Shorts: J.Crew Outlet; Bracelet: souvenir shop in Grand Cayman; Flip Flops: Teva 
Evidently, my size is a very popular size at the Loft. Loft has awesome sales, I hardly ever buy anything there until the store had their -surprisingly often- 40% off the entire store sales. But I must go on the first day, or else, all things my size will be snatched. I just have to pray that what I want doesn't disappear before I pull on my emergency break and exit my car.
When I was on our Cruise a few weeks ago, I saw a woman wearing the coolest, grooviest, awesome-est shorts ever. I almost went up to her and asked her where she had gotten them. But, because I am a complete chicken I didn't. Once I got home I just happened to have to make a trip to Loft to return a t-shirt that I regretted getting. And lo and behold, there they were! On the clearance rack. One pair. My Size. 40% off! Things like that don't happen to me. I am so excited! I love them!
 photo 1672afa7-3bcb-4e6f-9798-62469c8cc609_zpsed780bac.jpg
T-shirt: Target; Freakin' awesome shorts: LOFT; sandals: Old Navy
 photo cf2df6f1-e850-42bd-870a-18c8c9b4e5e7_zpsba849246.jpg

 Stay Beautiful, my friends.

pleated poppy


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