Friday, November 14, 2014

A Reason to Run (Part 5)

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On May 29th my church’s devotional website published another devotion written by yours truly. I haven’t written much since then. A of a combination of procrastination and deep insecurities continue to keep my creative juices from flowing and sharing freely.
But on November 8th I ran a half marathon, and for the past several days I have been re-reading my running posts; these have inspired me to begin writing again, maybe.

Sadly, this is the only picture taken on that day. Mile three. My bib isn't even showing!

The picture that should have been taken at the finish line...

I thought about my devotional during my race because it was about running, racing and corporate worship. I'd like to share it with you today. It's a good start.

Revelation 7: 9-12

I am a runner, and I love to run alone. I run, among many other reasons, to disengage, escape and unwind. When I run I write great novels, I dream, I pray and I worship. I am not accountable to anyone but myself; no one judges me, demands anything from me, nor depends on me. When I run, I just am.
But when race day arrives, I experience a different dimension of the runner’s life. No matter how fast or slow I go or what brand of shoes I sport or how much money I make, no matter what I look like or what language I speak, I (and all racers) understand that on this day we all had to get up early to put on our running shoes. On race day, we are all in this together.
As complete strangers, we take off at the sound of the gun, pounding our shoes to the ground, yet we now know each other from a common love. We each have a tale that recounts the aches and pains we have all endured: it chronicles discipline, frustration and exhaustion. On that day we breathe in together in unison, and as we breathe out, our stories and souls unite in such a way that would have otherwise been impossible. We run as one in the same direction to the promised finish line.

In the same way, I believe there is a time for personal worship, when we want to be alone in the presence of God. But we wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing dimension that corporate worship ushers to believers. That’s when we come to understand that no matter where we came from, what we wear or what language we speak, we are all in this together. We all understand that the stories we bring can be painful, frustrating and exhausting. But as we come together, we breathe in the grace of Christ and we breathe out worship. United, and as one, we are all headed in the same direction and toward the same divine throne.

Thank you for stopping by.

Feel free to peek around and read the rest of my A Reason to Run series. Stay tuned, I may have yet another reason brewing in my mind.