Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what i wore wednesday #7

Here we are again, playing dress up and showing off for another edition of what I wore Wednesday.

The day I took the boys to Plato's Closet, I bought these jeans. Although they are cute and very comfy, by the end of the day they were practically falling off of me. I don't like wearing baggie pants :( but, I'll live... 

 photo IMG_0260-001_zpsd865f33c.jpg
Jeans: ELLE; Shirt: Old Navy; Sweater: Gap Outlet; Flip Flops: Teva

Headed off to Church

 photo 3f8b2800-c25e-47ab-bc16-ac90be27888f_zps1571b263.jpg
 photo IMG_0347-001_zps37f2c217.jpg
 photo f20f5650-03a8-4461-b5bd-6e4d0fbbb302_zpsfe8ac6ec.jpg
Skirt: made by me! Shirt: Eddie Bauer (ancient); Necklace: Charming Charlie (and then altered by me)
bracelet made by me; shoes Ancient Target 

You may have noticed my new toy! Clearly I have a lot of learning to do, but, for now, give me some grace and lets see if I can work on some improvements!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beef Stroganoff

When was the last time you went to a Restaurant and ordered Beef Stroganoff?

It's crazy, I know!

What is it about this dish that has made it disappear into the archives of the 70s along with pet rocks, mood rings and the psychedelic hippie vans?

Perhaps it's the fact that it is made with a combination of red meat, condensed beef broth and, gasp, a 1/2 pint of sour cream, all three which are big no-no's in this day in time. However, I'm not so convinced that this is the case. Consider the fact that you can still get the ever so popular Fettuccine Alfredo just about anywhere; a dish made with a combination of the evilest of carbs and the evilest of saturated fats.

I just don't get it, this stuff is to die for!

One of my favorite meals in the world has gone out of style. However, just as the bell bottoms, platform shoes (aka wedges!),  Farrah Fawcett hair, and crochet clothes have made it back into our lives, I am campaigning to bring back this amazing dish.

So folks, it's time to plug in your lava lamps, put on your tie-dye shirts, blow the dust off of your ABBA records (or the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Village People, whoever rocks your 70s world). Lets make this groovy dish for our families. We will all be dancing the boogie when we're done.

Beef Stroganoff
 1 lb. sirloin steak, cut up into thin strips
1 T. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
2 T.  butter (for browning beef)
4oz. can sliced mushrooms (drained)
1/2 cup chopped onions
1 garlic clove, minced

2 T. butter
3 T. flour
1 can condensed beef broth
1 T. tomato paste
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 C. sour cream

Hot Noodles

Coat your beef strips in flour and salt (I throw them all in ziplock bag to coat evenly). In a skillet with  2Tbsp. of butter, brown beef quickly, then add onions, garlic and mushrooms and brown an additional 3-4 minutes. This is what it should look like:

 photo IMG_0111_zpsaff83e9e.jpg
because I have a teen boy that eats like a horse and a husband that takes leftovers to work,
I put more meat in. don't be fooled by the amount of meat here, which is about 1 and 1/2 pounds. This recipe calls for only 1 lb.)

Now, put the meat on a plate. Add 2 Tbsp. of butter and 3 Tbsp. of flour to your skillet, get all of the crusties scraped off and brown your rue for a couple of minutes.

 photo IMG_0114_zps60748b14.jpg

Turn heat down, add the can of condensed beef broth and stir quickly to dissolve the flour. It will thicken fast. Then add tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce.

 photo IMG_0125_zps66727817.jpg

Return meat mixture to skillet, and make sure it gets hot again.

 photo IMG_0128_zpsa41d7399.jpg

Add 8oz. tub of sour cream. Make sure it all gets warm but:


Serve over hot noodles.

 photo IMG_0143_zps66635051.jpg

 photo IMG_0152_zps0c3a7cdc.jpg

While you're at it, make sure you wash it down with some TAB. Then go veg out for several hours on your waterbed.

This is wicked ya'll!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what i wore wednesday #6

Welcome to another week of what i wore wednesday.

So my kids are finally out of school. They are already bored and I'm already sick of them sitting in front of a screen (computer, ipod, TV, phone, whatever). Since they had both been begging me to take them to Plato's Closet for days, and I was antsy to get us all out of the house, I took them under the condition that we could also go to another half million places. They were good sports and we each came home with a little something.

So I began my day looking like this:

 photo DSCN4226_zps2dbce458.jpg

After showing a tremendous amount of restraint at the J. Crew Outlet (40% off of everything!) store, and moving at lightning speed because our day was going really good and I didn't want to push my boys shopping patience too far, I exited swiftly and happily with a baggie containing these adorable shorts!

 photo DSCN4225_zps6fd54469.jpg
An hour later we were headed to the Movie Theater.  Everyone knows it's a bad idea to wear shorts to the movies, even in Texas summer. One must also always have a backup sweater handy!
 I headed back out the door looking like this:

 photo DSCN4235_zps4141650d.jpg

Iron Man 3, here we come.

 photo e1eca6eb-3141-45c0-8feb-fcd3d2fd784b_zps65fb2770.jpg
White top: Gap Outlet; boyfriend jeans: Old Navy

OMGosh!! It was so Amaaahzing!!!

 photo IMG-20130607-00031_zps17a44958.jpg
I bought these wedges at Target about 5 years ago, and I always forget that I have them. But I love it when I remember! it's like having new shoes every time.  And those toe nails! I know, right? They make me feel like a totally cool mom.
This is what I wore to church last Sunday:

 photo DSCN4204_zpsb527776b.jpg
Top: J. Crew Outlet; Jeans: Gap Outlet; shoes: Old Navy; Necklace: made by me, check it out here

This is all I've got this week. But I'm giddy beyond belief because BROWN delivered my new toy yesterday, and I'm hoping it will revolutionize my blogging... and my life. Yeah, right...
At any rate, I can't wait to show you.

Happy wedge wearing day! And if you don't have any, go buy some NOW.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Reason to Run (Part 1)

It’s the one place where I refuse to
Go Green 
 photo 6b63763b-22d1-4edc-b330-a5d4513bbea5_zpsf42864fc.jpg


A few weeks ago I signed up for and participated in an 8K race. It was the first race I have been in for 4 ½ years. It was a very exciting day for me, as this was a formal occasion to be re-inducted into the world of running and racing. My previous stint with running was not a long one or a grandiose one, but it was one that I missed none-the-less. This race was a token and proof that even though I was four years older and 15 pounds heavier, I still had it in me to train, push to the end of myself, and go out there and do my best.
It was a perfect day for a race -warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt, but cool enough not to be burning up after two minutes of running. It was partly cloudy- and just windy enough to cool you down and be ready to put on your light jacket a few minutes after you’re done.  My favorite kind of day to run.
Once my adrenaline kicked in during the first mile and I settled into my comfortable pace, I settled behind a woman that seemed to be running at a reasonable, do-able pace.  I was feeling pretty good about myself because although she was considerably older than me, she seemed to look very fit. Her physique made me think that perhaps she had run right out of her mother’s womb, and some day when she is done, she will run right into her casket.  I wanted to follow close behind her; this would motivate me to keep pushing past those Texas-sized hills ;) when my - “I want it to be flat”- self began to whine at my - “You better not stop”- self. As soon as we reached the turnaround point I got my second wind.  This was mostly due to the realization that those uphill paths would now become downhill sprints.  I passed my gray -haired friend with fierce determination. I was so grateful to her for encouraging me and cheering me on as I did so. Her words put an extra bounce in my step and a new wind in my sails. But, about a mile before the finish line my bounce began to fade and the wind stopped blowing my sails. The giver-upper in me kept saying: “If I could just stop for 10 seconds to rest, I just want this to be over already, I’m so tired.” But, the endure-er in me kept yelling: “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop.”
I didn’t stop.
I finished well.
I have a deep-rooted tendency toward jealousy, and if you are honest with yourself, I bet you do too. The green monster comes out at regular, almost predictable intervals. It shows up at the grocery store, the mall, the hair salon, on the soccer field, and even at church. It growls loud when you are feeling fat and ugly. It growls louder when she looks thin and gorgeous. It bucks its head when your child is defiant, and hers obeys immediately with a smile on his face. The monster pounces when her husband is attentive to her while your husband zones in on her as she walks past.
One of the reasons I love to run is because God has given me the gift of contentment when I run. Running is my place of refuge where green is not allowed.
When I run I don’t care what others think of me. When I run I don’t run to be faster than the girl next to me, or thinner than the one in front of me. I don’t care what my running clothes look like compared to hers, or what anybody thinks of my pace. When I run I don’t seek approval. Running is a sacred time for me. It’s where I can push hard without anyone pushing back. It’s where I go till I can go no more without anyone pushing me further.  It is where I can show up without anyone expecting anything from me. It’s the one place where I don’t envy and I don’t want to be envied. And I believe that is exactly why God gave me this contentment. Running is the place where I learn to live.
I’ve learned that running isn’t about winning the race; it’s about running it well.
I want my life to be more like the way I run. I want shelter from the green monster at all times, not only during my runs.
I want to believe that life isn’t about being the best; it is about living my best.
It’s not about being the cutest, best dressed “it girl”, it’s about reflecting Christ’s beauty in me in whatever way he has equipped me to do so. It not about having the best behaved kids or the best marriage; it’s about learning how to love your family well.
I learned a valuable lesson on that perfect spring race day. Sometimes it is good to run alone and find pleasure in the gift of contentment; it’s very good to find that one place that protects us from our weaknesses. Look for it, and hold that sacred time close to you, because this is the place where you learn.  
But always remember this: there are others running the same race with you. Some will need to follow your gray hair because it speaks to them and motivates them to keep going. Some will need to be cheered by it as they pass you by.
I want us to live in a world that never goes green, one in which we have beautiful women ahead of us to keep us going when the hills get too steep. One in which we have valiant women behind us cheering us on when we get our second wind.  I want to live in a world where no matter how old we are, or how many ponds we weigh, or how long it takes us to get to the finish line, there will always be people there cheering us on, not because we’ve won the race, but because …
 We didn't stop and we ran it well.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday #5

I have three rules to follow when I go shopping for clothes.

1. Wear a light colored bra and white camisole.

2. Wear clothes easy to take off and get back into.

3. Wear shoes I can easily slip on and off.

Never mind my bra, check and check.

Here I am headed out the door to shop for a dress to wear to my sister's wedding. It ended up being a long, exhausting day, but totally work the effort. I ended up , of course, buying the second dress I tried on. I love it, and the wedding was a beautiful one. The reception was a ton of fun. The entire day was  perfect.

 photo DSCN4081_zps347391ee.jpg

 photo e9c14271-46d2-428e-bf3c-cb8cc07e2706_zps41561cd1.jpg
T-Shirt and Skirt: Target
Flip Flops: Teva

 photo 5a4245ee-5ab5-498c-ac14-0fd51af47ad5_zps00655427.jpg
Earrings: American Eagle. Necklaces made by me.

Enough with the blah black and gray! Time to enjoy spring and it's rainbow of beautiful colors.

 photo DSCN4176_zpsea102969.jpg
Shorts: Gap Outlet; Shirt: LOFT; Shoes: Target

 photo IMG-20130531-00018_zpsf69e7c44.jpg
Shirt: LOFT; Skirt: Old Navy; Shoes: Teva
Thanks again for stopping by. Go Check out the rest of the beautiful ladies at what I wore wednesday.