Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what i wore wednesday #6

Welcome to another week of what i wore wednesday.

So my kids are finally out of school. They are already bored and I'm already sick of them sitting in front of a screen (computer, ipod, TV, phone, whatever). Since they had both been begging me to take them to Plato's Closet for days, and I was antsy to get us all out of the house, I took them under the condition that we could also go to another half million places. They were good sports and we each came home with a little something.

So I began my day looking like this:

 photo DSCN4226_zps2dbce458.jpg

After showing a tremendous amount of restraint at the J. Crew Outlet (40% off of everything!) store, and moving at lightning speed because our day was going really good and I didn't want to push my boys shopping patience too far, I exited swiftly and happily with a baggie containing these adorable shorts!

 photo DSCN4225_zps6fd54469.jpg
An hour later we were headed to the Movie Theater.  Everyone knows it's a bad idea to wear shorts to the movies, even in Texas summer. One must also always have a backup sweater handy!
 I headed back out the door looking like this:

 photo DSCN4235_zps4141650d.jpg

Iron Man 3, here we come.

 photo e1eca6eb-3141-45c0-8feb-fcd3d2fd784b_zps65fb2770.jpg
White top: Gap Outlet; boyfriend jeans: Old Navy

OMGosh!! It was so Amaaahzing!!!

 photo IMG-20130607-00031_zps17a44958.jpg
I bought these wedges at Target about 5 years ago, and I always forget that I have them. But I love it when I remember! it's like having new shoes every time.  And those toe nails! I know, right? They make me feel like a totally cool mom.
This is what I wore to church last Sunday:

 photo DSCN4204_zpsb527776b.jpg
Top: J. Crew Outlet; Jeans: Gap Outlet; shoes: Old Navy; Necklace: made by me, check it out here

This is all I've got this week. But I'm giddy beyond belief because BROWN delivered my new toy yesterday, and I'm hoping it will revolutionize my blogging... and my life. Yeah, right...
At any rate, I can't wait to show you.

Happy wedge wearing day! And if you don't have any, go buy some NOW.

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