Monday, December 13, 2010

Chasing Rabbits

I am a rabbit chaser. I'm thinking that this is one of the main reasons that I am so bad about posting. I actually love to write, well, actually I love to vent and writing is a great way to vent. When I speak with people I actually try real hard to not chase rabbits because I know it can be annoying. Men aren't rabbit chasers,  I'm married to a rabbit hunter. I always have this little Mike in the back of my head that says "get to the point!" I hate it because it is in our nature to do so. Just listen and pay attention the next time you talk to a woman.

I once went to this unbelievably GREAT marriage seminar called "Love and Respect". It is a MUST for any marriage, or better yet, any human being that relates in any way for any amount of time with anyone of the opposite sex. And for men (although I'm pretty sure that no man will ever read this post) it actually is a great seminar too. Have you ever noticed how men in general HATE going to marriage seminars? I have been married 19 years and have NEVER been to one. The only reason Mike and I got to see this one (we didn't even get to "go" to the seminar, we just saw them on DVD) is because he is an elder at our church and the church was buying the DVD set. We were the guinea pigs. He loved it! It is the kind of seminar that doesn't require you to become a woman to be a good husband. Men receive a lot of confirmation in what and who they are and does a wonderful job at pointing out our differences and that it is totally OK to be that way. Oh, I can't chase that rabbit because I can't do the guy justice. You must either buy his book or go running to the pastor of your church and beg him to get this DVD set for your church. He is really funny and is so much more effective in communicating this stuff than just through a book.

It looks like I chased a rabbit, but really I didn't. Mr. Eggerichs talks about the phenomenon that women have of talking in a circle. We begin a conversation and one thing we say reminds us of something else and we talk about it until it reminds us of something else, and on and on we go until we get back to the place where we began, we always do. We talk in a circle and the conversation will end as we close our circle. Or else we are bothered by it. It happened to me the other day. Someone was telling me about something in their life and it reminded me of something else, which in turn took us somewhere else. We were far, far away from where we began. Normally we would go back, we always do. But time ran out and we both forgot. Until, about an hour later I was thinking about this person and I felt so bad because I realized that she never finished her story! On the same token, it bugs me when I'm talking about something and get off track and I never have a chance to go back and finish my train of thought, or story. I feel cheated. It was incomplete. We love to be complete. We love it when we go full circle, we must. It even happens in reconciliation. Did you know that men and women have totally different styles of reconciliation? I won't get into it, buy  the book and learn about it, it's such important information.

Anyway, because I am not a "writer" and because I can't spent hours and hours writing drafts and correcting and editing I will have to be true to who I am from now on. I will have to feel the freedom to chase the rabbits, you will have to indulge me and enjoy it as you would in a conversation and that way I may be able to actually post a little more often.

I actually think about stuff all of the time and I lay in bed wanting to write it all out, but I chicken out. Maybe when my boys are grown and I don't have to work, or feel the need to overachieve in other areas of my life, then I could learn how to write well and let everybody know what I really think in a grown up and orderly manner.

Come along for the ride and see how many rabbits I can find in one swoop.
Or maybe not. Maybe it's just another excuse because the truth is, I am just too scared

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Sweater Purse

I have been wanting to make myself a purse for months! I either chicken out because I can't make up my mind on what fabric to use or what size and pattern to use. It drives me crazy! So, I one day was looking through my blog subscriptions and stumbled upon this simple beauty! I needed a simple start so I took off with it. Finally!

Hobby lobby was closed today, and Walmart didn't have the magnetic thingies, so I modified the closure. It works, and I like it, but I didn't get to use the cute flower I made for it because I don't like how it looks with the button.


I began making the purse several days ago but since the lining fabric hadn't arrived at the time I had no idea when I'd get to finish it. Even when the fabric arrived life had taken over and my cut up sweater got shoved to the corner. Today, however, it has began to snow. When it snows life just slows down, and since I'm fairly confident that there will be no school tomorrow there is no since of urgency, laundry can wait, kitchen can wait, I suddenly have all of the time in the world. So here you go. My lovely wintery RED purse. Does it look familiar Mrs. Bray!?





Monday, November 22, 2010

Wheat Grass Tutorial

This is so easy!
I bought this glass container at Hobby Lobby in the candle making section, but obviously you can use any container you like.

On day one I took a handfull of wheat berries and just to see how much I would need I spread them in a single layer in the container I was using.


You can purchace wheat berries at any health food store. Any kind will be fine (hard, soft, spring...). If you live in my area just beg me for some and I will just give some to you. I make my own bread from freshly ground whole wheat and I buy the stuff in bulk, so I have plenty to go around.

Then take the berries and soak them in water. I soaked mine for 48 hours. I think they do better when left that long.


After 48 hours they will look nice and plump, and your water will be cloudy.


Now drain the water out, put dirt in your container and lay the berries right on top of the dirt.


Loosely cover with plastic wrap, this gives it a "green house" effect.


About 3 days later you will need to take the plastic off and let the green grow.
I can't remember when I took this picture, but it was one or two days after I took the plastic wrap off.



 This is day 11!
Isn't it great? I love my wheat grass. It does have a short life, but it is so worth it because it is so simple.


I hear also that wheat grass is super good for you! A friend of mine wants to grow it so she can juice it!!



Saturday, November 20, 2010

To be thankful

It is so hard to be thankful when you live in a society that is bent on wanting you to believe that you aren't happy and therefore have nothing to be thankful about. We live in a place and time where so much information as at our fingertips and there is no way to access that information without being bombarded with this idea of "everybody else is happy, this is how... and the only way that you will be happy is if you have what they have".

To be honest with you I am amazed that there are not even more bankruptcies and divorces than there are. We are never content with what we have, who we have and who we are. We just keep buying into the "celebration" of Thanksgiving, but we have trouble buying into being thankful. Think about it. When was the last time you said "WOW!" in awe, and when was the last time you said "I wish".

I don't know, maybe I am the only one here that feels like this and I am the only one that has to work on it as well. Really? Am I that selfish and alone in this?

I really find the need, propelled by the season of course, to really work on an attitude of thanksgiving. When I am thankful I am way more happy than when I am not. I want to be thankful for every perfect gift from above. But even when we are thankful, do you see that we tend to compare ourselves with others? When I feel discontent with my house, for example, I can't seem to just be thankful for the gift that the Lord has lavished me with in my house and home, I seem to need to compare it to say, people in India that live in those dirt floor rooms, you know, we have all seen them on TV. Why can't I just close my eyes, take in what I have, not what anyone else has and just give THANKS? We are always looking to the left and to the right.

Just so you know, I ponder, I don't come to many conclusions in my life, I just do what I can. So know that I am thinking "out loud" and who knows, maybe some day I will read this and say "what was I thinking?" So perhaps it is just fine for me to be thankful that I have a roof over my head, my own bedroom and a down comforter that I LOVE specially since there are cold children all over the world as I write this. And even though my house isn't 2500 square feet I can still be thankful for what I have. And well, I may not have lots of space but my husband adores me and we are really super happy while there are millions of hurting marriages that are suffering and are tearing apart, women hurting, men hurting and children caught in the middle... See, that is easy to do.

I challenge you, and myself of course, this week to be thinking about what we are truly thankful for. Think outside the box. I think there might a difference between being thankful for what we have compared to others and having an attitude of thanksgiving. I know we don't live in a vacuum, but humor me and ponder with me. What are you thankful for? I could so chase a rabbit right now, because that is what I do. But I will refrain, or else I will be tempted to write a book. (I know, because that is what I want to do with every post). Anyway, here is my first thought. Random, but here goes.

When I'm feeling ugly, lonely, rejected, lost, unwanted, or just in a blah kind of mood, I lay in bed with my Mike, and he wraps his arms around me, squeezes me tight and I suddenly am beautiful, I am safe. I am in the presence of someone who loves me and wants me, I am no longer lost, but in the place I belong. THAT, is what I am thankful for.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

12 days of Christmas

Please go visit my friend Edie and check out what we made!

You will want to make one too.




Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wheat Grass Tutorial Coming to a Blog near you!!

Can't wait to share how to make this beauty.
(Please ignore the double paned 70s windows that, no matter how much I clean will NEVER look clean)



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I will be a guest at Edie's!

I'm so excited about being asked to be a part of Edie's 12 Days of Christmas this year.

Make sure you pay her a visit and soon enjoy what we have had up our sleves.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Craft Show and what I learned about myself

This past weekend a friend and I set up shop at a small, out in the boonies craft show to see how our stuff would do. I asked Diane, my very talented and artistic friend, to come and join me because I knew she would be of much help as far as set up was concerned and because it would also give her the impetus to get her business on a roll because she is such a talented artist and she needed a little push. Her jewelry is very different from mine and we figured our stuff would work well together.

After going over the mountain and through the hills, feeling nauseous and loosing all contact with civilization (no cell phone reception) we arrived at the Kyles Ford Auction House. A small warehouse/garage type building with concrete floors and no heat! Thinking immediately that this had been a huge mistake, I decide to just smile and set forth with the task at hand.

So here is our little set up.


Well, I will just get to the point. I learned this weekend two things about myself. Two things that I really already knew, but somehow when we are put in certain situations throughout our lives, these situations tend to shine a brighter light onto these truths about who we are and how we are.

First, unfortunately I realized that my insecurities run VERY deep. I know that we all have insecurities, we fight these all of the time, yet, at least with me, when I can stay in my little world I tend to know how to overcome or at least deal with these insecurities. Boy, the moment I stepped into this situation which way out of my world and my comfort zone I felt like I was wearing a huge sign on my forehead. "I am a total looser". I found myself feeling what I feel often, ehem... I don't belong here, do I? The comparison game begins and never wants to end. I begin to believe the lie. The same lie that Eve believed, It's that lie that says: "I am being cheated!"  Eve believed that God was withholding from her, and so do we. This person and such have this that or the other, and I don't. Yep, That is what we believe. I will speak of the lie often, because it tends to pop up everywhere, and in every situation possible, it's constant, unrelenting...
So now I find myself fighting the lie. The best way to fight a lie of course is with truth. So what IS true is that he did give them something that I don't have, however, I also know that he gave me something that they don't have. And for the past couple of days, since I have been back home, I have been able to be so joyful in those things, and along with it Thankful, VERY thankful. I saw also a lot of pain, loneliness and selfishness.
You know, I learned that I am not an artist, I'm just a wanna be, but I enjoy what I do and I love who God has created me to be. I love that I am able to have the time and resources to "have my fun" and enjoy in the adventure of learning and exploring God's Creativity.

I also learned that I may actually be more of an introvert that I thought. I am not a shy person at all. I have no problem standing in front of a crowd and doing whatever I need to do. But oh my word, put me in a place with lots of people and tell me to get to know people and mingle. Please no, please no!
You see, an extrovert is energized by people, the more the merrier, and they love it, they thrive. Us introverts although not necessarily shy would much rather be home bodies doing our thing without being bothered. Being with lots of people for too long is so draining! Now don't get me wrong, I love my friends and I do love people, I'm not exactly a hermit, and don't shy away from me out of fear of overstepping my comfort zone. It's just that opposite of an extrovert, us introverts get energized by being alone. I don't even like to listen to music much (I know, I am the oddity, don't shute me!) Solitude is healing and joyful.
So as you can imagine, by the time it was time to go home, I was over it. Please let me just lie in my bed, get my feet warm and have my hubby come and love on me. I even told him "I really don't want to go to church tomorrow honey, I'm so sick of people!" I know, I'm so bad. I did go, but left early. I was able to enjoy some wonderful (productive) solitude the rest of the day. And come Monday morning I was ready to go to work. Had a great day!

So there you go, two things that I learned about myself, and perhaps two things that you learned about me that you didn't know.

By the way, my husband and my youngest child are introverts as well. My poor 12 year old is an extrovert to perfection. Poor guy! I do try, honestly.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hearty Potato Soup


At my house we love Potato Soup. A few months ago I gave you a sneak peek at it in my post What's for Dinner

As I atempt to get this blog on the road my hope is to have a regular segment called WHAT'S FOR DINNER. Today I am going to share with you my sectert to the best Hearty Potato Soup. I know lots of people put sour cream in theirs, but that is not my magical trick.

Here we go.

Cut up your potatoes. However much you need for your family. I'm going to guess 2-3 lbs. But sorry, I didn't really measure anything. But I guess it is time to give you the secret (at least I hope it is a secret, that would be cool if you never knew this and I'm enriching your life by telling you!!)
Cut up your potatoes into medium size pieces and cook them in WHOLE MILK. Put enough milk in your pot to cover the potatoes. Add about 1 tsp of salt. (little flecks are because I use sea salt, I don't like pepper, so add pepper if you like)


As soon as you get those going get you a cookie sheet, the kind with a lip. I use my Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan. Just as a side not here, this is probably my favorite Pampered Chef product. I had one for 12-15 years and broke it a few weeks ago. I was in morning for several days, I couldn't bring myself to throwing it away for way to long. When my hubby said something to me about it I decided it was time.
So this picture is the very first time I have used my new one, I figured it was the perfect way to begin seasoning it. (my other one was black)


I probably could have squeezed a few more in there, but that was enough for me. Stick that in a 450 degree oven and forget about it! (at least for a while).

Then chop up a medium onion and 2-3 garlic cloves and saute in butter.


till it looks like this:


Now make sure that you keep a close eye on the potatoes and stir regularly because they can boil over some or worse, the milk sticks to the bottom and yuck, you have to transfer everything to another pot careful to not scrape the nasty bottom, and that means more dishes to wash... Not that I would know this from experience.

Soon your potatoes will be soft and your bacon will look like this:


Now, take a few potatoes, not many if you don't want your soup too thick and mash them with your potato masher.
Return to the soup and mix well. Add onions.
Grate sharp cheddar cheese, cut up bacon and serve on a cold winter day!



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pick Me! Pick ME!

I feel so many times like a little girl. The little girl lined up on the playground wanting so bad to be picked by my favorite girls, so bad to be cool, and wanted, to be on their team. "Pick me, Pick Me, don't you like me?"; I'm the little student with my had way up in the air that wants to stand out and be admired by the teacher because I know the answer. "Pick Me, Pick Me, I'm smart". I am like the little girl that tries out for the cheer leading squad, "Pick Me, Pick Me, I can do it, I can look good, pretty and jump high". As we get older the feeling doesn't go away. "Pick Me, Pick Me", for the scholarship; "Pick Me, Pick Me" for the job; "Pick Me, Pick Me" for the promotion. "Pick Me, Pick Me, I am a good friend".

A few Sundays ago at our church we had a little baby shower for a gal at our church that had just had her 4th baby. We had a very simple pot luck after church. I was part of the group of gals that planned this shower and since it was simple we didn't do a whole lot for it. On Saturday I decided to take it a step further and make it a little more special by being crafty and creative. I made a super cute banner with the baby's name on it. I was bummed though because I forgot my camara. Trust me, it was adorable.

I made a cute diaper cake where I was able to display some of my lovely fabric flowers,


and I made these SUPER CUTE booties cup cakes.



Needless to say, I got lots of oooohs and ahhhhs. Honestly it was a LOT of work. It took my entire Saturday to get all of these things prepared to make this shower special for my friend. I had a blast doing it though. I felt so creative and lovely and special myself.

When I got back home Sunday afternoon, my husband asked me how it went, and then asked me something very curious. He said: "Did you win?" I said: "Win what? What are you talking about?" Then it hit me.

Is that what we are all about? Are we just in this big competition of life? Is it truly the game of life in which we continually are begging: "Pick Me, Pick Me"

Can you picture Moses going about his business praying to God, "Pick me, pick me"?   Gideon never begged God to pick him, as a matter of fact, he was one excuse after the other. And who can forget poor Jonah who ran in the opposite direction when God picked him. He ended up in the belly of a giant fish!

These men were picked for a grand job, one that I would have hesitated about as well. These were jobs that were hard, risky and dangerous, to say the least.

So fast forward thousands of years and  I find myself sitting at the table with my girlfriends and Jesus. In our hearts we feel the same words that James and John were saying in Mark 10: "Let one of us sit at your right and the other at your left in your glory." Do you hear that? "Pick me, pick me". We run ourselves silly trying to obtain a "place" with our friends, and even with God, but heaven forbid us to be asked to do the "hard thing", THEN we choose to answer, oh, I can't because I studder (as Moses did) or we say we are the least of our family (as Gideon did) or we simply run to the nearest port (really, the farthest).

Oh, we are so silly!! But honestly I really don't know where I'm going with this post. But I'm going to post it anyway.

For one, my insecurities have kept me from posting it for weeks, and I just know that I will not be picked. This is something that each of us has to face. Why is it that we do the things we do? And if we don't get "picked", would we have done them anyway?
The other reason is because what my husband asked me hit a nerve. I didn't like that he aked me this because it was a truth that we just don't want to face. I ask myself all of the time. What are my motives anyway? Lets just face it!

So there you go.
A few weeks ago made some fabric leaves that are just so adorable! I'm dying to take a picture and post them. Yet, I'm going to refrain. I will just continue to smile and find great satisfaction each time I pass by them. Even though no one will get to "pick" them. I will enjoy the thought of having to figure out how to make them and having to pick out matching fabrics to make them SOOOO look good. I will love the thought that I was creative and I made something beautiful. Just because.

"Pick me, pick me" we still yell.

Perhaps I should start yelling "I pick you, I pick you".

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Bouquet of Fabric Flowers

Just because I can't stay away from flowers!

As I was surfing along blog land I stumbled upon this beautiful project that I just couldn't pass up. I had seen a bouquet of flowers before but nothing like this! I looseley followed her tutorial, and as you can see I still have the leaves to make. But I was so excited about them that I just had to share them with the small world that may show the least bit of interest in what I do :)

My version of a bouquet of Fabric Flowers:


couldn't resist playing with the pictures a tad bit




Friday, June 18, 2010

OK, I'm going to say it.

Here it goes. I'm reading Harry Potter, my 11 year old is reading Harry Potter and we both LOVE it. I finally decided to "cave" in. My husband very reluctantly gave us the green flag ( long story, not the point today) and I began to read the first book aloud to him. After about 3 days he gave up on me (well you know, I do have other things in life I have to take care of, I can't spend every waking moment reading to him) and decided to move it along faster. By the time he got to book 3 I was still on 1! Now that I have finished book 4 he is mid way through book 7! He gets antsy because we don't get to watch the movies till I have finished the book. Anyway, I was going to wait, but now that I am more than half way through the series I feel like I can give a pretty accurate opinion on where I stand on the matter.

Harry Potter has grown up under miserable circumstances. As far as he is concerned he is a NOBODY! And then one day he is told what his TRUE heritage is, who he really is and who's he really is.

A friend of mine insists that the book is filled with biblical themes and that Harry Potter is a Christ like figure. I think this has something to do with the end of the series, which I'm bummed that I found out about. I know to some it may be a stretch and a little far fetched, but truth be told, we find biblical themes in all kinds of literature throughout history, not just in literature but we see it in the movies all of the time. The fantasy world has a way of presenting reality and truth in a creative and engaging way. The way I see it, you can choose to read or watch anything for  pure entertainment or you can take it a step further and see if there is any hidden truth or lesson to be found in the subject matter. I think it is human nature for all to be in search of truth, and since truth is truth, weather you are a believer in Christ or not, the search is on. I find it facinating that those who do not find truth in THE TRUTH (Christ) are sometimes so close to the truth because God has put eternity in our hearts and that is where we all want to be headed. Anyway, back to the Christ figure. I have not finished the series yet, therefore my perception of Harry is a little different than that of my friend. First of all, as I mentioned before, the fact that Harry at the beginning of the series comes to find out who he is, who he really is. Harry also discovers that he has unbelievable gift that he could have never even dreamed of having. I think we are the same in so many ways. We tend to think that we have gotten cheated in life and that we are a NOBODY, yet hopefully like Harry we have the privilege of finding out who we really are, but most importantly who's we are and with that, the realization that we have an unbelievable power that has been given to us, a gift, a powerful gift. And like Harry we spend our lives trying to figure out how it all works, what our roll is in this grand battle. Our eyes are opened to the truth that there is this raging war going on, one that to so many is not evident, yet without necessarily wanting to , we are caught in the middle of it and it is up to us to continue to wage war against evil, not just for our own sake, but for those around us as well.

So tell me something. What difference is there say between The Sith and lord Voldemort? Or for that matter between The White Which and lord Voldemort? Aren't they all representing the same thing? And doesn't Harry have a similar task that Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy had? Just as Luke Skywalker in fighting against the "dark side" or, dare I say Frodo and Sam in the fight against the Dark Lord Sauron.
What difference is there between going to Hogwarts and learning how to be a which and being an apprentice of Jedi master so they could be a Jedi themselves? What difference is there in the magic in Harry Potter and "the force" in Star Wars? Call me naive, but I see no difference. I see the age old fight of good vs. evil and I see those who are strong and valiant enough to not bow down, but fight the good fight. Those that think they are a nobody and find that they are someone after all, someone that will fight against what is wrong and evil no matter what the cost.

Let me change course here for a moment because I just can't talk about Harry Potter without thinking of the most wonderful display of friendship that we see in the relationship between Harry, Ron and Hermione. We should all be so fortunate to have friends like those two! We all need a Hermione in our life that has all the answers even if she can sometimes be a little obsessive, obnoxious and a "know it all". We all need a cheerleader like Ron, who even if he does struggle with playing second fiddle will never leave or betray his best friend. I love Ron.
Let me also mention the fact that I also am a huge fan of Dumbledore. As with most books that are turned into movies, one who has read the book can only be disappointed in the interpretation given by Hollywood.
Although I'm sure that the movies are really good, I of course have been one that has been so disappointed. Besides the fact that they have to cut major parts of the book and change others to make it all fit, what upsets me the most is the interpretation of Dumbledor. My feeling of the kind of man he is, is nothing like the Dumbledore I see in the movie. He seems so stern and serious, almost mean. But he is the kindest most loving of them all. If I had to give him a label at all, he is somewhat of a God figure. The guy loves his students and spends his time looking out for them. He is wise, kind, gracious and takes such pleasure in seeing his students succeed. I love it when the author mentions the "twinkle in his eyes", it just says so much. He is trustworthy, trusting, always willing to give a second chance or the benefit of the doubt. A great man he is indeed Hagrid.

Honestly, I just don't see what the big deal is. I think that too many people have had such a knee jerk reaction to a piece of very well written literature that they haven't even read. (that is what I did). If nothing else it is a very entertaining, fabulous story that will have you awake late at night because you can't put the book down. Harry Potter isn't about witchcraft, Harry Potter is about the very basic age old subject of good vs. evil. And what are you (the chosen one, Peter, Frodo, Luke Skywalker, Harry) going to do about it taking into consideration the tools that you have, (a light saber and the force, magic and a sword, or a wand). It ain't easy, people are going to be mean and trip you at every corner (Rabadash, the White Which, Sauron and the orks, General Grievous, and Darth Mal, Malfoy, Voldemort) but you will also always have those who will stick by you no matter what (Aravis, Edward and Lucy, Sam, R2-D2, C3PO, Ron and Hermione). In the end, truth and good will prevail, because in the REAL battle we know that is what we are promised. THAT is what we know to be TRUTH.

I say, if you have watched Star Wars, read the Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings, you most certainly can read the Harry Potter series. I just finished reading my favorite book of all times The Horse and His Boy to my son Elijah, and I was reminded at the end of the fact that Aslan himself put a SPELL on Rabadash and turned him into an ASS. (yep, that is what the book says)!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's for dinner?

We all wonder what the gal next door is cooking tonight. If not out of plain curiosity, it's because we are dieing for some good ideas. I used to LOVE to cook. Cooking was my "thing". My mom was a fantastic cook and she passed that love on to us kids. All four of us like to cook and we do it well. However, I must tell you that as the years in the kitchen have worn down on me, my love for cooking has greatly decreased. For one, I have a very picky child that has managed to ZAP every ounce of joy out of it every single night for the past 4 or so years. I tire of the complaining and the stress of feeding my family every night. Also, I have managed to get a job since then and I have many other hobbies that are begging for my attention, energy and time. Cereal anyone?
Every once and a while I do enjoy blocking my son's comments and try to make a real special meal for dinner, one that my husband and my other son will marvel at and sing praises to me about.
At our household we cover the whole gamete, from, yumm I will have a glass of Chardonnay with that:



all the way to, "who is picking up the pizza?" "Any Miller Light left in the fridge?"


There are some meals that I will only fix in the winter. Such as the fanciest of potato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.



There are other dishes that look disgusting, but actually taste good. Like this "Hot Chicken Salad"



One of my two other favorites are HAMBURGERS!! These have carmalized onions, bacon and swiss cheese.
I know, these just look so greasy and therefore sinful, to just add a little insult to injury, fry some sweet potatoes to go with it.



Our other favorite are QUESADILLAS. Even the "picky one" loves these two last diches, well, minus the onions and other "yucky" stuff.



Well, I guess that is enough for now. Since I haven't written in months and I really didn't want to get away from blogging I finished up this draft to get my momentum going. Be back soon with more food and hopefully more to craft and chat about.

Friday, May 21, 2010

This time I laughed

Mike and I were laying in bed last night, me complaining about how fat I am and he trying his best to tell me how lovely and beautiful I am, and how much he loves me! I said: "Mike, I'm stuffed, and I just looked in the mirror and I look like I'm 8 or 9 months pregnant!"
Mike answers: "Nah, I'd say no more than 5"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flowers and Swords

A while back I posted an entry: Why I'm not the Stereotype. My intention was to post another entry explaining why I actually am. Today I will not go into such detail, because, as evidenced by my prolonged absence, I have been incredibly busy. Part time job, family, part time job, groceries to buy, clothes to wash, meals to fix, cereal to pull out of the cupboard...

But this morning I am giggling so much because you almost can't get more sterotypical than this.

Let me just back up a tad bit and let you know that my son Isaac a couple of weeks ago went to Williamsburg and Jamestown on a school trip. Being the typical male he is, when asked about his trip all I could get out of him was: "It was fun". I also found out that he had spilled coffee on his shorts, ripped a pair of other shorts, lost his wallet (only $10 plus his Starbucks gift card with probaby $10 worth left on it), and was chaffed most of the time because it was so HOT.
Other than that, I guess he did NOTHING. But slowly little at a time he has seeped some information, one thing I learned is that he saw a, well I'm not sure what he saw, all I know is that he decided he wanted to forge a real sword. He is determined to have a sword. As my male companions due most of the time, they plan and conspire and get to work as soon as Mike has time. So I go outside to check on them and this is what I find:





In the meantime, do you know what I've been working on? Flowers, yes of course. I have made quite a few in the past weeks and have a small order to fill today. So here is what I do on a Saturday morning:










Flowers and swords. Yep, that is what I call a typical day at my house...