Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why I'm not the Stereotype

Granted. Probably none of us are the stereotype. However I will share a few things about myself that may (or may not) surprise you.

1. I am NOT a Martha.

Most wonderful women of this world are so busy and so running around in circles and.... so tired. Busy everywhere they go, and probably feel very guilty if they sit down and are not "productive". This is why there are shows that are constantly rewarding these tired women with a well deserved makeover of some kind, a trip, or a maid for the day. Me, I would never make it on any of those shows. I am not a "Martha" I have always considered myself a "Mary", not because I always make the "better" choice, but because I'm lazy (when I set my mind to it). Don't get me wrong, I really don't consider myself a lazy person, I think I have a pretty good work ethic and all, I just really don't enjoy running myself ragged. I must admit, I do really feel ashamed at times for being like this, because MOST women are doing the opposite. Overachieving, making everything perfect, making themselves available where needed (or not), doing whatever it takes to be smarter, prettier, more helpful, or whatever. Me, in some areas, I just get by. In others I do work hard, and I believe that if you are going to do something, just do one thing well (more on that later). Let me give you an example. If I am a guest at your house, you will rarely, if ever find me in your kitchen helping or asking if you need any help. I am a guest, I am going to sit down, relax and let someone else do all the work. Specially if there are other women that are already helping you (which there will be). Just know dear friend, if you ever come to my home I would expect the same from you. You are MY guest. I think, I prepare, I clean up! It is my home, my kitchen, the only slaves I have are my husband and my children, YOU, my love, sit, relax and laugh!

2. I am NOT a multitasker.

I have never been good at doing two things at once. It drives me crazy!!! When I'm on the phone if my child approaches me, my head starts to spin, I put my hand up and walk away, I can't even look at them, it will break my concentration! I never have managed to hear two conversations at the same time, and when I try, I miss both of them. Like I mentioned earlier. Do one thing and do it well. I get so easily overwhelmed when too much is demanded of me. If I have something big to do one day, that is about all I can handle. if I do have lots to do it all must be written down, a master list and a logical order in which I must do it. I really try to be flexible, but I'm not good at it.

3. I am not the boo boo kisser.

My husband and I have reversed roles in this area. Don't get me wrong I AM like I hope all women are, a mama bear, but I just don't get all worked up about stuff. When my kids get hurt, I say "just spit on it, you'll be fine", or "get over it, you'll live".
When my kids get sick, Mike is the comforter. He is the one that stays up all night, checks on them, takes temps. and worries. But if there is vomit to clean up... that job is reserved for me, otherwise I would be cleaning his up as well. Any sheets to wash, me. Any clothes to treat, me. Any toilet to wipe down, me.
When my children get hurt, they go to Mike. They know they will get no sympathy from me. If there is "surgery" to be performed, Mike does it. I can't do that! he is the master splinter remover, tooth puller and boo boo cleaner.

Wow, this all makes me sound like a terrible, lazy, self centered person. I hope not. You will have to read my next post to find out how much of a stereotype I really am.

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