Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Create in Me

As I briefly mentioned earlier, one of my "deals" now is this deep desire to become a better creative person. I have known people that really wish they could sing better, but just can't. And others that want to be gifted at playing an instrument, but can't. I am bilingual, and I have taught Spanish and Latin, and I have observed that some people have the gift of languages (perhaps the modern day gift of tongues) and others just don't. The former never really had to study and just "got it", it all makes perfect sense to them. The later, bless their hearts, I really felt for them and tried so hard to meet them where they were, those just DON'T "get it" and they studied and studied and still if they were having a good day and crossed their fingers would manage to make a high B. And then there are those who don't get it and don't care, period.
When it comes to creativity, I am one of those that THINKS I just don't have that gift. However...
Again, we are created in the image of God, and you would have to be crazy to not see that he is unbelievably creative, imaginative and perfect (I can't wait to get to heaven, our HOME will always be clean!!!). So in each of us there has to be some great creativity that God has naturally imprinted in us, just by the simple fact that we were created in his image. Just like beauty as I wrote in a former post. We are all beautiful (in his image), we are all creative (in his image).
So we all get perhaps a pimple every once in a moon, a gray hair or two, or million, muffin tops at our pants waist line, and those adorable dimples on our BUTT! But we are still beautiful! We just fix that when put on our makeup, dye our hair, eat right and exersise, and....
wear pants.
But when it comes to creativity, I most of the time live in great frustration. "Lord, why didn't you make me creative, like so and so?" But enough of that Susan. You are creative. There is nothing new under the sun. What I do is maybe not being creative but resourceful. I look, research, and yes, copy. Come on, don't we all? Even our personalities, partly are formed by the influence of those around us to some extent, we take what we like and "tweak" it to be us. So, that is what I do, look research, study and learn. Then I tweak and voila! There is my creativity!
But again ultimately God is the ultimate creator, not just of the entire world but of ME. I so love that and my deepest desire is not to be creative but to be created, every day. This is why I chose the title of my blog to be "CREATE IN ME". That is what I want, a pure heart, one focused on him in reflecting his beauty and his creativity. that my beauty and my creativity would be an instrument to project to the world a beautiful and creative God.

Till next time.

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  1. Great post! I'm very impressed. :) You have already shown yourself creative in just the few posts you've already done. Keep up the good--creative--work! :)