Friday, November 6, 2009

My secret wish

I'm already afraid to post this.
You are just not going to believe what happened to me today.
Well, first I must tell you then what my secret wish is. The funny thing is, I really haven't wanted this for too long, maybe 3, or even 5 years. It's not the sort of thing I dreamed of as a child, it's just been as I have gotten older and perhaps wiser (I hope). And sitting here at my computer typing and doing this has made me realize how I love it, how fulfilled I feel and time just flies! And there you have it. I want to be a writer.

Now I know, my friend Denise and Kim and Jill are probably rolling in laughter, not because they don't think I can, but because they know the truth. I am a horrid, I mean horrid speller. And my writing skills could use some work too. You probably saw on my profile that a grew up in a foreign country, so I sort of have an excuse. I have never had formal training in writing or spelling. It's a wonder I can spell at all. (what little I can spell). Thank goodness for spell check!!!!!!!!

This actually began, I don't know, 5 years ago lets say. My friend Kim actually told me one day that I should write a cookbook. I must admit I am a pretty decent cook, my mother was a great cook and I learned from her. But still I feel that it would still be like a 1st grader wanting to write like Shakespeare. I thought, even if I did write a cookbook, it would be more than just a cookbook. Let me explain.

My mom and dad actually wrote and published a cookbook and it was called "Recipes for a happy life". Originally this book was written for only the four of us kids and the 4 first grandchildren in the family. My mom typed out the entire thing, (on a typewriter). My dad is an artist and he drew a bunch of cool drawings including a drawing of each home that we had lived in at the beginning of each chapter. The forward was handwritten by my mom (she passed away in 2000, you will hear about her someday). Also for each recipe there is a verse and in some have a personal note about where it came from, or, who liked that dish the most, etc. All in all a true treasure. My dad took it to the local copy place and we assembled it on our kitchen table. At the time I was the last child at home, and was able to help out. I was so honored, because it was a top secret effort that was to be a great surprise for my siblings. The front cover had a painting that my dad painted that was the pattern from the dishes that we had used to eat out of when growing up. The book's original title was "Memories are made of This". And they sure were. Because we actually sat down as a family pretty much every day to eat our from scratch, fresh, home made meals. LOTS of memories there!

Anyway, I thought then that my recipe book would be more than just recipes, it would include stories and thoughts, because contrary to my parents other cookbook title the recipe for a happy life is not on a plate in front of you. I think indeed that there is no "recipe" for a happy life. And there my mind began to form this book. One that I have not taken a single note on since I never thought that anything like that could be done by me, for the reasons mentioned. By the way, so many people loved my parents cookbook, and they were so disappointed that the book had just been reserved for our family, and they all wanted my mom's recipes that my parents got talked into publishing it. At this point the publisher, or editor, or somebody decided to change the title. My original cookbook (the one that we assembled on our table) is falling apart, so I use the new published copy instead.

Now I'm thinking just forget the recipes and put down the other stuff.

This is so great, I can't believe I have just discovered this blogging thing. When I walk away from here every day I think "there, I said it" and on comes the next thought to blog and the next and the next.....
I hate writing long blogs. I want you to stay with me. So I will have to tell you what happened to me today, tomorrow.

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