Monday, November 16, 2009

I want to be like Mark

I have the most wonderful brother-in-law. His name is Mark. He has many great qualities that I greatly admire, but today I want to touch on one of them. One that inspires me to be a better, inviting person.

Don't you find yourself feeling differently in the presence of some people than you do in the presence of others? Us women are especially in tune to this, I think because we are so insecure and we tend to compare ourselves to each other and it can become a very intimidating game. So stupid, I know, but I do it all the time, so I'm going to assume that you do it too. I find however that there are some people that are more "safe" than others. When I am in the presence of some people I am automatically intimidated, I feel little, young, insecure, and inferior. I just feel like asking this person "What is wrong with me?" "why don't you like me (when they may actually like me) who knows, because they just don't seem to project it.

Now there are other people like Mark. I pick on him because one, I love him dearly, also because to me he is the epitome of what I'm talking about and what I aspire to be. When you are in the presence of a Mark you are safe. This kind of person makes you feel like you are very important to them and that everything you have to say is very important too. (for real, not salesperson kind of "I'm interested in you") When I am in the presence of this person I feel relaxed, like I can be myself, I'm beautiful, I'm worthy and mostly I'm safe. It's OK to be myself and I will be heard and understood. The great thing is, that this person makes everybody feel this way. Everybody is important, everybody has something to say, everybody is beautiful, everybody can be safe.

Don't you want to be that kind of a person? The kind that people like to be around,the kind that is pleasant, funny, and inviting. I want to put people at ease with themselves, with who they are, with who God has created them to be. I want people to be relaxed and safe around me.

In that way, I want to be like Mark.

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