Friday, May 31, 2013

Lin and Nate's Wedding (Part 2)

If you missed part one of Lin and Nate's Wedding, please mosey on over and take a peek.
Now, come on over to the reception with me.
As customary, the wedding party was introduced - a photo-op that I totally flaked out on. Lin has 4 beautiful children: Michael, Shelton, Lauren and Kaylin; Nate has two: Noah and Analese. Between the two they ended up with 3 girls and 3 boys. The 6 of them were introduced, appropriately, to the tune of "The Brady Bunch". Then Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nathan Lytle were introduced and danced their first dance.
But, before I introduce you to THE lovely couple, you get to take a look at THIS lovely couple.
 photo ebc7856b-b572-41b6-a2b3-352f5faedf91_zps3d69e706.jpg
Mike and Susan after 22 years of marriage

 photo a1b7b4b6-c154-4288-b7f1-ec55700837c5_zps358ad006.jpg
Lin and Nate after 22 minutes of marriage

 photo DSCN4129_zpsc8ed5654.jpg
Lin is dancing with her son Shelton, the blond boy is Noah holding hands with his sister Analese (who you can't see).
 Kaylin is the one on the right (holding hands with Nate) and Lauren is the one on the left.

 photo DSCN4126_zpsfcea875d.jpg
Lin and her son Michael

 photo DSCN4137_zps828fec47.jpg
Time to dance with dad. I kept looking for Lin Pin to join us...

Speaking of time to dance with dad. After writing THIS and THIS post, my dad got all sentimental on me and decided that he wanted me to dance on his toes once again. I begged , and pleaded with him not to do it, I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm going to hurt you, I told him. He insisted, and insisted. He made me. So, I was left with two choices. Obey your dad and break his toes, or disobey your dad and break his heart...

I chose what any good daughter would choose.

 photo DSCN4134_zps32c79f03.jpg

The unnamed child that took this picture did not know what the whole ordeal was about, so he failed to capture the toes. But the reaction on my dad's face captures it all. Dad, if I broke a toe, I'm sorry. I tried to warn you.

We danced the afternoon away. We ate, and we had fun at the "Photo Booth".

 photo DSCN4161_zps41ad0b0b.jpg
Mike and my dad's wife, Shirley
 photo DSCN4133_zpsd90d4b53.jpg
Laurie and Marshall

 photo DSCN4156_zpsa56b2b0d.jpg
Laurie, Grace, Marshall, Kelsey, and Donna (Marshall's mom)
Please note Lin and Nate right behind Marshall and Kelsey, eating cake!!!
 photo 854469bc-53fa-4be7-8e58-5afc536f903b_zps6d851c9d.jpg
Su Pu and Lar Par
 photo DSCN4146_zps4e4ede32.jpg

 photo fb0ed484-16ad-4b9e-bfba-a5b812fc2f09_zps98a55741.jpg

 photo DSCN4143-001_zps40b1bef4.jpg
Guess who's the ham of my bunch?

 photo DSCN4144_zps5fa443ef.jpg
Was it the threats, or do my kids actually want to please me because they like me now?

Just for the record. Elijah's eyelashes are just as long as Isaac's (if not longer). The shape of his eyes and the shadows, unfortunately, isn’t allowing you to appreciate their length.

 photo DSCN4168_zpse7cd1c6f.jpg
And then they were driven off into marital this beautiful 1958 Impala!

The following picture was taken by my sister, Laurie. The credit goes to her. I was in la-la land letting the "professionals" do their work.  Wouldn't you like to be driven away in that?

 photo LinandNate_zpsafedce99.jpg

Also, you need to know that I do have a brother and he was indeed at this wedding. He decided to become stealth. It wasn't till we all got home and looked at our pictures that we noticed. WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS KIRBY?


A note to Lin and Nate: When Grace and Paul finished singing I Will be Here, I bravely glanced back at Mike, knowing that we were both crying. He winked at me and softly whispered in my ear:  "I'm still here baby."
My blessing to the two of you is that 22 years from now, you will find yourselves listening to that same, timeless tune and with tears in your own eyes, be able to say to one another: Babe, I'm still here.


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