Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Isaiah 61:1-3

Good morning dad. And Joyce. And the other three fans I may have out there.

My Church has a website that publishes a Devotional every day called VERTICAL. It is written by lay church "members" such as myself. Usually these devotions go hand and hand with whatever the sermon series is about. The current sermon series is called "More Than You Think". There are many things that are way more important than you think. This week's devotions are focused on the importance of our care for the global poor. My assignment was to write a brief devotion on Isaiah 61:1-3.

Although I don't directly address the global poor and preaching the good news to the poor, I do address the fact that what we see is "more than we think". Everyone, including the poor, needs to understand and believe this truth in their life.

Here is what I wrote today.

I admire photographers like I admire no other artist out there (other than writers, of course). What I love about a good photographer is his amazing capacity to see the world with eyes that no one else has. He sees things that you and I don’t see. A photographer and I can be in the same place, be looking at the same thing, and see two completely different things. He has the ability to turn the most mundane into the most extraordinary.

A photographer captures what he sees and translates it for the joy of others. If I were a photographer, the ability to interpret for others what I see would bring me the greatest pleasure.
  • Where we see an old peeling door coming off its hinges, he sees a masterpiece.
  • Where we see a plain, cracked stairwell, he sees something interesting and complex.
  • Where we see a deadly tornado, he sees the majestic.
  • Where we see an old clock, he sees beautiful perfection.
Oh to have the eyes and heart of a photographer!

This is how God is. He does not see things the way we do. Perhaps one of His greatest joys comes when He captures what He sees and interprets it for us.
  • Where we see darkness and captivity, He sees freedom.
  • Where we see ashes, He sees beauty.
  • Where we see mourning, He sees gladness.
  • Where we see despair, He sees praise.
We are “oaks of righteousness” that display His splendor.

Oh to have the eyes and heart of our God! To see things from His perspective.

Our God does not need an expensive camera, the right angle, or the perfect lighting to capture freedom, beauty, and gladness. And neither do we.

Christ himself quoted this passage as part of His purpose here on earth. We as His followers have also been anointed and called as His ambassadors to deliver, proclaim, and watch this amazing transformation in the lives of all of us who need it.

If you are interested in reading my previous devotion, please go HERE.

Thank you for joining me today. And remember, YOU are more than you think.

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