Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Small Talk


1.        Sunday I stopped at an intersection, I looked left, I looked right, waited till the coast was clear and crossed right over. Where I failed to look was straight ahead. Half way across I noticed that I was running a RED light!

2.       That afternoon I got punished when I pulled a bowl out of my cabinet a little too forcefully, I hit and chipped my front tooth.  You can’t tell unless you look real close, thank goodness because I won’t have dental insurance till July. Vanity must wait.

3.       Yesterday I ran 3.76 miles.  I can’t say I ran three and three fourths of a mile just like I can’t put $35.01 of gas in my car.

4.       How do I know how far I ran with such precision? I’m so glad you asked. I got this new toy, compliments of being a mother.

 photo fb5c209f-705c-4c70-a602-d88bbc04200d_zps0f0a2039.jpg
Yes, I know I ran ridiculously slow today! I'm not used to running so early in the morning, but, whatever.

It was quite expensive; I paid for it myself that evening when I washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.

5.       Mangoes, avocadoes and chirimoyas are the un-debatable proof of the existence of a kind, good God. You may add grapes, watermelon and super sweet, juicy peaches and plums to the list if you want. The first three are all the proof I need.

6.       Did I tell you I made COLLOSAL cinnamon rolls for dinner Sunday before last? Yes, I think I did.

7.       Thanks to random #1 my 17 year old niece and my 14 year old son think I’m a total flake.

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