Friday, May 10, 2013

On rides, rain, family, red wine and pizza


Yesterday turned out to be a good day.

It was one of those days that I would never bother dreaming up, but, would rather try to avoid at all cost. I stepped out of my selfish “I would rather be home reading, writing and sipping coffee” kind of a day and stepped into a “whatever you want to do today, boys” kind of day.

Once a year, Six Flags Over Texas closes its gates to the "general population", and for a generously reduced price opens it back up to entertain a fine and elite group of folks called Homeschoolers (please read my sarcasm between the lines).  My nieces have homeschooled their entire lives, and as a family member and friend I am able to cash in on this insider information and totally take advantage of the honor system therein. This is the one day a year that I allow my children to play hooky, impersonate being a Homeschooler to join in on this privileged day.

The reason I am forced to step out of my comfort zone to attend such an event is twofold. One, I hate crowds, two, I am not an amusement park kind of a gal. I once was but after stepping foot on the most traumatic ride of my life at a Six Flags Park 22 years ago, I decided then and there I would NEVER step foot on another. Please don’t ask me to recount what happened or what ride it was. If I tell you I will have to kill you.

I put on my best smile, my very best attitude, and stepped out of the house (although ready to step right back in) prepared to have fun watching my kids, my nieces and their friends have fun too.

 photo 4038a12a-5747-4aac-87ed-562fd2a3f85d_zps37f9b0c5.jpg


 photo 6d55c302-30c7-4791-956a-b8127e42609a_zpsd3bdbcd6.jpg

No sooner had we arrived at Six Flags the light rain began to come. It was one of those this isn’t so bad, just stay this way and don’t soak us kind of rains, so on in we went. It didn’t stay that way. Three hours and only two rides and a bad case of a good hair day gone bad (real bad) later, rain-checks in hand, we were walking right back out. 

After heading back home my sister-in-laws and I decided we weren’t prepared to throw in the towel on such a dud of a day.

So what can make any bad day a great day? Four things that no one should ever live without.

A flat iron, family, red wine and pizza.

It was a lovely evening! Unfortunately, I was enjoying myself so much with the family (and the wine) that I totally forgot to take a picture of the joyous occasion in which husbands and grandparents joined in, that I forgot to take a picture :(

But as a random, tantalizing consolation prize, I did take a picture of this COLLOSSAL Cinnamon Roll(s) that I made Sunday for dinner.

 photo cinnamonrolls_zps92d5570a.jpg

It isn’t illegal to make and eat cinnamon rolls for dinner, right? Well, it must not be, because I got in a heap of trouble for not inviting everyone over to partake with us. Oops!


Stay hungry my friends.   

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