Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guys are so Simple

My husband Mike and I are like night and day. I am a total idealist, pie in the sky type of gal. Most of my waking hours are spent day dreaming. Not healthy, I know, must be a defense mechanism. Mike on the other hand (although he doesn't use it much in his line of work) is an engineer. He thinks like one and functions like one. In other words he is a total geek. Everything must be thought out and logical. If it doesn't make complete sense to him, then of course, it is stupid. He is fashion impaired as well. He wears his work uniform all of the time, even on Saturdays, because "it's comfortable" and he doesn't have to wash them (or rather I don't have to wash them, like he's doing ME a favor!) If you know him and he ever looks halfway descent, it's because I bought whatever he's wearing of course. Otherwise, if he's not wearing his uniform, he has his $10 Walmart jeans on, because paying more than 10 dollars for a pair of jeans is preposterous! Isaac (my 12 year old) and I are the only cool people around here. Mike and "mini Mike" (my 10 year old) are total geeks, they talk about math, geometry, algebra and physics at the dinner table, just for the fun of it! I leave with my mind twirling trying to think of Katniss and Peeta (from the Hunger Games) or Harry Potter and Ginny. Or any of my dear fantasy friends that I may be reading about at the present. Or perhaps about the 5000 square foot home that I would love to live in, you know, the one that comes with the maid, and chef! Otherwise 2500 sq. ft. will do.

Anyway, I sometimes have felt kind of silly with this whole "blog" thing. It doesn't quite fit with his line of thinking and I fear that he may think it a waste of time. I don't actually believe this, he has never indicated that to me or criticized me doing this. It is just so not him.

WELL, let me tell you. Did you know that there is such a thing called a "pocket dump". Evidently it is a place (or places) where geeks guys take pictures of what they have in their pockets and post these pictures.
My Mike spends hours (not at one time) browsing these pictures, fascinated! I must tell you I find it a most curious phenomenon. While us women spend countless hours browsing around looking at each others houses and much of what our life is about, guys are out there too, in typical simplistic guy fashion, looking at each others pocket contents. It takes a whole house for a woman to call her castle, to express herself, and in some way or another it defines who we are,or at least reflects much about ourselves, our world. But guys are so simple, all they need is a pocket.

I love that I have boys. I just love my guys. For the most part my boys are very low maintenance. But I guess part of being cool, or at least trying to be so requires a little more that the geeks. (but please don't tell him that)
I don't know about you, but, I think that in general, men are so easy. Really all they need is a wife that takes good care of them. As long as I let Mike know that he is "THE MAN", stroke his ego, fix is ice tea, make diner once in a while and keep his clothes clean, and of course have sex to keep him from exploding, or because it is fun and wonderful, yes as long as I do those things, then he is pretty much content and in good spirits.
He is just simple. I think most guys are. All they need, as far as blogging goes, is a pocket full of cool stuff that they can show off. On the other hand all we need is a house full of stuff that we can show off.

Please come back tomorrow, I will have a second part to this post. I'm hoping it will be fun. Please indulge me.

P.S. Today Mike posted a picture of his "pocket dump". We went out to run some errands and when we got back he went to see that he had had more than 50 views. He was so happy!!! Made me smile real deep. inside.


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  1. This is cracking me up..I had no idea there was such a thing as a Pocket Dump! Finally something fun for our husbands to do on the computer while we blog!!! I think our husbands were twins separated at birth, the needs are the same. I have a feeling yours isn't 61 years old though!