Thursday, August 11, 2011

Subway Art. My first project

Since we arrived in Plano, TEXAS we have been living with my wonderful and gracious in-laws. I spent about a month house hunting, an adventure that I thought would be fun but ended up being a very frustrating and overwhelming task. Long story short, I finally found my house. I'm not going to post pictures yet, because the only ones I have are the pictures that I took when looking at it. I feel kind of weird posting pictures of someone else's house. So, just like me, you will have to stay at the edge of your seat waiting to move in with me.

In the mean time I am bored out of my mind, so what is a girl to do with all of this time and no house to indulge in? I go shopping of course!! The current home owners have this house decorated so nicely! They have lots of mirrors all over the house, which gave me my first inspiration. So, my very first purchase for my new home was this fabulous mirror I found at Garden Ridge.
It's just hangin' out in the garage, waiting. Like me, waiting...


I also decided, that I could probably work on some sort of project to keep me busy. Two actually, but the reveal of the second project won't be till after the move. I am so excited about this one!

It was quite a task, and I goofed up so much, that I couldn't even begin to tell you how I made it. I will say that I had a great starting point with this tutorial at lil blue boo . After about 4 days of trial and error I came up with this masterpiece:


I chose to make something for my room, it's more like a master suite, it is HUGE, I can't wait to show you. Anyway, these are part of the lyrics to the song that was sung at our wedding, every word in that song is just as true today as it was 20 years ago.

As I have been working on my projects I have realized one thing: I miss my stuff, I can't wait to get that craft room set up. I realized how alive I feel and how much joy I experience when I do this kind of creative stuff.

Be back soon!

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