Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Skirt Madness (my mom would be so proud)

When I’m in the dumps about the fact that I want to be a writer but I’m too afraid to dive into trying to be one, I find a million other things to do. But I’ll narrow it down for you. 

 I shop, I read, or I sew.

Ideally, I should choose one of the later two since the first can get quite expensive. Unfortunately, reading and sewing seem to somehow end up deeply hurting my poor depleted wallet as well.

Reading is expensive. And, no, I do not go to the library because by the time I return books, my late fees pay for me to own them anyway, so why bother?

Sewing requires fabric. I’m horribly indecisive so I end up getting one of each.  I also have an insatiable fabric fetish.

It’s a loose-loose situation. Everything I do costs money.

But, I’ve been itching to start blogging again, and since I have some major writer’s block along with an extra dose of insecurity attached to it, I am here today to share with you the fruits of my pricey labor.

Plus, I’m broke. And my husband just lost his job. My time at the Mall, Old Navy, and Target will have to be replaced with time in front of my computer screen, talking to you. Hi!

I have an obsession with skirts. As summer is quickly approaching North Texas, I have gotten quite gitty about pulling out my simple skirts and wearing them, like, EVERY day! This past year I have, thankfully, managed to loose a few pounds; enough, as a matter of fact, to need a partial overhaul in my closet. Yippee!!

I was trying to be frugal…

It all started when I pulled out my cheep, comfy jersey skirts from Target and took them in so they wouldn’t fall off of me. After I learned that sewing knits was not as tricky as I once thought it to be, I just couldn’t stop, and the shopping, the cutting and sewing began.

Skirt #1 Epic Fail

 photo c08cad12-a9a1-4a0b-8600-e5ee6e0cffc3_zps6a8691ec.jpg
 photo f3048139-6fde-4612-a4bc-5d9d2431de9b_zps4b36b6e0.jpg

I don’t know if you would have noticed had I not told you this, but that skirt is very crooked.  I tried to hem it 3 times. No joke. It is full of flaws and the final product ended up about 3 inches shorter than the first. I finally gave up and left the edges raw (since jersey doesn’t fray anyway). Forget the fact that it isn’t perfect, and slightly too small, the real reason this skirt is going to be the -wear around the house and clean- skirt, is because it is insanely see-through. (Good thing you are not able to witness that detail in these pictures).

take two

 photo ab6b3b02-3064-4c14-8af2-8910aae7fc63_zps82113994.jpg

 photo 921b3d0a-b99c-4008-8fbc-212ae150b3bb_zps3ca74acb.jpg

YUCK!   I definitely like the longer version better. oh well...
Sew and learn.

Skirt #2

 photo 24b02626-5c7a-4a34-87be-de922b5b914e_zpsec5311f0.jpg

Hmm. I can't decide if I like it. It is a little too small and it hangs weird. I think some day I may try to make it a little more narrow at the bottom... I just love the psycho fiery waves.

Skirt #3

Very soft and flow-ey. I like it. I’m starting to get this thing down!

 photo 998c8f3c-4f0a-4263-8385-141cc6d65ee3_zpsa4dbe40b.jpg

Skirt #4

This is the skirt I’m going to take to heaven with me.

But, like skirt number one, it was obscenely see-through. I didn’t want to buy a slip because it would totally defeat the purpose of wearing an airy, comfortable, cotton skirt. I ended up having to buy twice as much fabric to make it double layered, no small feat when you are trying to line up all of those stripes. But I did it and it was totally worth it even though it ended up costing me twice as much as should have.

 photo ecffede5-82ae-464a-b1ab-5cebfd63bcb1_zpsecb7ab92.jpg

 photo 982c62e4-cf0a-459a-a79f-76b2cb18ee30_zpsac48dcfe.jpg

Skirt #5

This one was made with regular ol’ 100% designer cotton fabric from Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi  collection. I love the slight retro look to it.

 photo b70591d5-236e-465f-9edd-b41b876d376b_zps2edd33d6.jpg

 photo 0356a9f1-aae5-41d8-9de7-95632b15fd97_zpsf2b62271.jpg

 photo 25d20a8f-474a-4525-9c6c-52e59bfb6527_zpsfb67bf70.jpg

When I was a girl my mom made a lot of my clothes until she finally gave up because I convinced her that is was very un-cool to wear homemade clothes. I sure wish she were around to teach me how to sew more than just easy, simple skirts. Homemade clothes are so WAY-cool now. I just know she is in heaven right now chuckling, thinking to herself I told you so.

Let me warn you, the madness has not ended yet. I still have three more in the making, but I promise you, I already have all I need to make them. I will not be spending another penny. I just need more time.

How many skirts does a woman really need in her closet anyway? At least 15, right?

I’m insane, I know, but my mommy sure would be proud of me.


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