Wednesday, July 10, 2013

what i wore wednesday #8 CRUISE EDITION

June 23rd - June 30th I was aboard the Carnival Magic Cruise ship on an unforgettable 7 day voyage that took us to Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel, Mexico.

I may later share some pictures and tales from my vacation, but since I took over 600 pictures -can you believe it?!- it may be a while before I can narrow them down for you. In the meantime I will give you a sneak peak at what I wore to dinner every night. I packed a suitcase and a half of clothes and 8 pair of shoes for a seven day trip. How does that work? Well, as it turns out, most of those clothes were "just in case" clothes anyway, and most days I hung out in my bathing suit all day anyway!

Let me also say that as the self proclaimed photographer of this 7 day event, the odds of getting me into a picture were quite small. Thankfully my son Isaac loves to be given the camera, and is always a willing protégé to his crazy mom that will only allow him to lay hands on the camera if it is securely wrapped around his neck.

With no further ado, here is my what I wore to dinner on my Cruise vacation:

First Evening

 photo 78315891-305f-4764-8ed0-1326d15ab610_zps2bc9ba04.jpg
Shirt: Old Navy; White Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Franco Sarto (via DSW); Necklace and Earrings: Target

Second Evening
First "formal" dinner

 photo 6811aba6-80ef-41cc-b3cb-b2ff55bbfa3e_zps024ba30a.jpg
Dress: American Eagle (via Ross); Shoes: Franco Sarto (via DSW)
I don't exactly remember why, but I didn't get a picture taken the third night. I recon it was because we spent the day in Montego Bay and we were in quite a rush to get ready for dinner once we got back on the ship.
Forth Evening
I must let you know that on the 4th day we were in Grand Cayman. Our family chartered a boat that took us out to swim with sting rays, and then on to do some snorkeling. I had, up until that point, not had any sea sickness issues at all. But once we got onto the small charter boat and got to bobbing in the Caribbean waters, I got sick like I NEVER have in my life. OH MY! Our charter Captain seemed to think that perhaps I had swallowed some salt water while swimming with the sting rays. By the time we got to the reef, I was so miserable, I was crying, and the proceeded to expel what little breakfast was left in my stomach. Although it helped, I was mostly beyond repair by then. The one thing that I had looked forward to the most, snorkeling, was no longer going to be the best memory from my voyage.
After boarding the ship I felt much better, and then even better yet after downing a nice cold ginger ale. Try as I may to doctor up this next photo, I have not been able to wipe off the look of death off my face. I really didn't want to post this picture, but I love the dress so much, that I just couldn't not show it off. so here is the forth evening:

 photo cd04dd51-5aa0-42e4-8ee5-45c12536ed6b_zpsaa549fd7.jpg
Dress: Banana Republic Outlet

Although my previous dress got lots of compliments, the next outfit won the prize in the WOW department. I was feeling and looking a lot better too.

Fifth Evening

 photo 3b91ffa1-0e27-4686-93d2-7a37d37bd7be_zpsb3cb493e.jpg
Shirt: LOFT; Linen pants: Old Navy ($8 clearance last fall!!); Earrings: Target; Shoes: Ross

Sixth Evening
Second "formal" evening

 photo abcb474c-81e9-435d-9800-5eac943a2b29_zps308bca05.jpg
Linen Skirt: LOFT; Sequin shirt: J.Crew Outlet; Shoes: Ross Necklace and earrings: Vera Wang, Kohls 

Seventh and final Evening

 photo 5ce34a8e-8446-47bf-b9d4-563607dda622_zps42098e22.jpg
Dress: Ross; Necklace and earrings: Target

 And now, here are a few of my favorite touristy pictures of the family.
 photo 0c0bb87d-ee15-474d-a1cc-873495dc34af_zps2fe01010.jpg
 Montego Bay, Jamaica.

 photo 834e326c-8a47-471d-bc02-562340cb5c8b_zps99779c8b.jpg
Grand Cayman Island

 photo 28b60d1f-30f1-4e9f-91d3-eeafb4adb53d_zps3c2bfb36.jpg
Cozumel, Mexico

And my favorite picture of all: Fidel Castro and I met up in Cozumel and got a little fresh with each other!

 photo 03b8ff4e-b13c-4421-ad61-7e0663cd5adc_zpsa868a652.jpg
Cozumel, Mexico. Shirt: LOFT; Shorts: J.Crew Outlet; Earrings: Target

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