Friday, September 27, 2013

What I learned in September

One of my favorite blogs, Chatting at the Sky, authored by Emily Freeman, who is not only an amazing and inspiring blogger, but also an amazing and inspiring author, hosts a monthly link party in which she shares some random, sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, and sometimes useful things that she has learned during the month. She invites her readers do link up and do the same. Since I live in a perpetual state of writers block, writers insecurity and writers procrastination, and I need to be inspired and pushed to make an appearance on my always neglected space, I decided it was time to come back. This pushed me and inspired me enough to dedicate myself to a little comeback, random as it is.

With no further ado, here is what I learned in September.

1.       I don’t think I want to have short hair after all. Brown, yes. This short, no. Fortunately, I got the itch out of my system without shedding any tears.
       Whatever you do, NEVER make a drastic change to your hairstyle with a new stylist. Yes, I learned that too.

2.       Komodo Dragon Dark Coffee from Starbucks is the best coffee EVER. Where have you been all my life, oh dragon? If you love coffee and you have never had this blend, you are seriously missing out in life. Go now and buy some. I'll go ahead and say it now. You are welcome.
3.       I get mad at my children when they get sick, because, you know, they aren’t allowed to get sick. Yes, mad. As in what??!!!?? You are what??!!! How many times have I told you to NEVER get sick? ugh... Bad mommy, bad.

4.       The word hysterical comes from the Greek word for uterus. Yet to be ballsy means that you are brave?

   So. Not. Cool.

5.       I crave solitude desperately. I learn this every month.

6.       Homeschooling one child and sending the other to Public School seems and feels totally weird. We have our reasons, good ones, but I always feel like I have to explain myself as if I was doing something wrong. I need to work harder on dismissing other people’s opinions. They probably don’t have one anyway, they don’t care, Susan. Get over it. I will be learning this every month too.

First Day of school

7.       I’m in denial. I don’t want to come to terms with the fact that I am very disappointed in the last season of Fringe. I waited and waited for it to come out on Netflix. Seriously?

      And speaking of Fringe. Did you know that Anna Torv (Olivia) is Australian and she has to fake her American accent? Who knew?

8. Funniest video I watched in September:

     If you are married and you need a good laugh (who doesn't?) You must watch this. MUST!


So if you will excuse me, I have some business to do.


  1. So Funny! And inspiring. Maybe I'll post about what I learned in September! I'll make sure to link you to it. This is cute, Susan! I'm gonna follow you ;)

  2. Great thoughts, Susan... Can't wait to check out the coffee at Starbucks (haven't heard of it before) and I too just went from being blonde and long to being brown and short! I'm loving the change, especially for Fall! Enjoyed your post..

  3. I totally agree with you about the season finale of Fringe. I was sort of like, "Wait, what? That's it?" Still, sad to see it go.

    I will take you up on your Starbucks suggestion. I have been trying out the blends to find which one is my favorite. Have you tried the Anniversary Blend? Another yummy dark roast waiting to be consumed.

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed it a lot and I think it was a great comeback. :)

  4. I am a craver of solitute too. Interesting fact about hysterical isn't it?! I am a tea drinker but will pass on the Starbucks tip to my dark coffee consuming husband : ) (Visiting from Chatting at the Sky link up.)