Sunday, February 21, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Some things are just worth it.

Although I would never pay $120 dollars for a green scarf, there are plenty of things I have payed way more money for than your common bargain shopper would be willing to pay. And as I sat and watched the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" last night I found myself identifying with Rebecca way more than I should, I suppose.
I love to shop, I love clothes, I love being able to speak of who I am by the way I dress and "adorn" myself. I love getting a great deal, just like the rest of you. The whole shopping experience is therapeutic, exhilarating and rewarding (if you have the money, of course, but as clearly stated in the movie, it can become more of a burden that the rush is worth). A few weeks ago I took an afternoon to hit the outlets in Pigeon Forge that I am fortunate enough to live close to (one hour away).
I went to my three favorite places. Gap, Old Navy and Eddie Bauer. I desperately needed some pants, therefore that was my mission. Pants, I love! At The Gap I found a pair on Clarence for $5.00! Yes friends As in FIVE. Payed cash (it cost me less than my lunch) and ran over to Old Navy. Old Navy makes pants for me. I would have to say that about 90% of all pairs of pants I have ever owned come from there, they just fit me better that anything. At Old Navy I found 2 pairs not on sale ($30) and a skirt that was $5.00. So I feel I can justify buying the ones not on sale when I got the others so cheep. That would be $70.00 for three pant and a skirt. Not too bad. At Eddie Bauer I found a shirt, amount will not be disclosed. I am top heavy and finding tops is very hard and stressful. When I find one I love I will pay. Yep That is worth the money.

Yesterday I was feeling T.J.Maxx withdrawals, so I decided to run over there even though I had just worked out and was sweaty and smelly, but it was my only chance before I picked the boys up from school. I found the most awesome deal. There was a banged up (pre-distressed is what I like to call it) 3x3 (FEET, that is) mirror for $11. Yes ladies! As in ELEVEN dollars!! Who can pass that up? Even if it is sitting in my garage and will have to wait to be worked on, and I have no idea where it will go. However, while I was there I also found an adorable shirt. I love butterflies and it just called my name. So the shirt was $24.99. Gulp, at T.J.Maxx? Well, lets just pretend that I got the mirror for $20 dollars, still an amazing deal, so the shirt was only $14.99. I can do that! Deal!



Even though I try to justify some of my purchaces I insist that there are some things just worth it. I tend to shop for what I like, and if I love it I will get it (within reason, at least for me).
Here are a few of my, "it's just worth the extra money" list.

1. Running shoes. I love to run and when you run 10-25 miles a week you need a GOOD pair for shoes. If not I would be paying for it in shin slints, aquiles tendonitis, knee issues and hip issues. So I go to the running store and hand out the big bucks.

2. Running pants. I won't go into the details, but for good reason I am very picky about my pants. Land End can't beat anybody as far as quality and comfort for my needs. $45 well spent, woth every penny.

3. Underware. This has been a more recent discovery. You may have you favorite, but even at $10.00 a pair Victoria's Secret can't be beat. I have tried and tried, but it has cost me more to buy and replace crappy underware than to buy my faveorite VS pair. These last me YEARS. I have just vowed to never buy panties other than the most comfortable and quality Victoria's Secret. LOVE them.

4. Dish detergent. I'm just saying, Cascade is worth the extra few pennies (or dollars).


5. GAP pants. Yes, I must confess I have bought full price pants from The Gap. They, like Old Navy pants are made to fit me. And the few that I have splurged on, I must say, again, worth every penny.

Please feel free to add to my list. It may be enlightening.
You may even dissagree with me, and that is OK. I understand that to some people other things are worth their time and money. And well, I guess that is a whole other subject I could address in the future. For now, if you are like me, you can find a friend that will help you in your justifications and would be happy to go shopping with you some day.


  1. First of all, I've read the posts on this page and you're a natural ms. Susan. I love your conversational style of writing and of course love all your projects. I'm so glad you came today and even more glad that we are lucky enough to have you as teacher/friend. I so enjoyed my visit to your house. You have a true love for home---which i love!

    Now, what do I pay full price for? jeans, kellogg's raisin bran, and King Arthur flour. And more things that I can't think of. I love your list and concur with almost all of them.

    Happy weekend,

  2. Well I just spent the last hour reading your entire blog! Enjoyed it so much!

  3. I have wanted to do a post on this topic as well. There are several products that are worth every penny--Pantene, Downy, and Mac lip gloss are a few. :)