Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I hate getting old!

Yesterday in my attempt to keep up with my New Years Resolutions, I have started running again and have been working on losing weight. Of course when I was young I could lose 5 pounds the first week and 2 every week there after. But now days (sigh) it takes so much more than that! I have lost 6 ponds, but oh! my word. Good thing my motto this year is "Don't ever give up." Next year I will weigh something. It can be the same as now or it can be 30 pounds less. The year will still go on. I ran 3.25 miles in like 36 minutes (that, in case you don't know is very pathetic), but I gave it my all and increased my speed throughout the interval session, and payed for it dearly. My hip was hurting so bad after that I could hardly walk! And today I gave in and took some Advil to be able to walk like a dignified 40 year old woman.

Anyway, another thing that has me worried with age is my skin. I grew up on the coast of Chile (a country that sad enough is now on the map) and living among perpetual dark people makes you take drastic measures. So, I became a sun worshipper. My mom tried to warn me, but when you are a teenager, who listens to their mom anyway? I would lay out in the sun with the rest of my friends and while they tanned I burnt to a crisp, so bad indeed that my eyes would swell and I would look like an alligator for days, waking up in the morning with my bed full of dead skin. (If I had a scanner I would share a picture of my swollen eyes, too bad I don't have one "wink"). I have been wanting to go to the dermatologist for a long time now. And yesterday morning I said to myself "That's it" as I looked in the mirror and in horror saw something I had never seen before.


Do you see that?

I told my husband today my plight. "Mike I really think it's time for me to go get this checked out. What do you think? He smiled and said. "What I think is that you burnt yourself with the curling iron!" As I gasped and laughed at the same time I remembered "Oh yea, (inset blond moment here, or better yet, senile moment) it's all coming back to me now."

Getting old stinks!

The dermatologist will have to wait because a few months ago I lost my glasses and I can't pay for new ones because I'm a shopaholic.

Getting old (and fat) stinks!


  1. I am so glad that I found you again and have added you to my reader. You are so funny, and Mike is so smart. I guess he isn't aging quite as quickly. :)

  2. so funny! i totally empathize... totally.

  3. This is the most delightful post and funny one I'v read in a long time!! Thank you for shareing:)