Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not Happy till May 1st

Anybody that knows me knows how much I HATE winter and cold weather. I probably am running a great risk in saying this but.. I even hate SNOw. Even though I have always loved Fall, I can hardly enjoy it anymore because it can only mean one thing: Winter is coming. This winter in particular just seemed colder, darker and longer. I have been "over it" since January. So, you can only imagine my joy and delight at the arrival of Spring weather. Oh, just the feeling of painting my toenails and wearing flip flops. A short sleeve shirt and, opening the windows!!!

Yesterday my son had his first soccer game of the season and I got burnt to a crisp (of course it was only one arm, or part of it rather, and half of my neck). Thank goodness that my friend Shay had sunblock and I put some on my flip flopped feet! Why didn't I put any anywhere else? Umm...
Yesterday afternoon I was actually giddy! So much so that I was up till 12:30 a.m. working on lunch for today and some pretty things in between as well of course.


These are my pretty flowers I wore this morning to church with my spring HOT pink short sleeve cardigan.


Here is my pretty banner that I made yesterday. Oh my goodness! Lessons of a newbie crafter: This is time consuming business! And these were just made with scrapbooking paper!


And another. Can't see much of it, but trust me, it is adorable!

Anyway... Even though I consider myself a very positive person, and most people would say I am, I just won't find myself settled in the joys of warm weather till May 1st. many people have heard me say it lately. "I will not be happy till May 1st." The reason why is because April seems to always be such an unpredictable month! I call it the teaser month. We have even had the "S" word  in April which in this part of the country should just be against the law. The law should be that, after the high temperature during the day reaches 80, (which it did this weekend) it should NEVER be colder than 50 during the night or day again.

So, even though I am basking in the warmth of this beautiful spring weather, I will have to brace myself now for what we in East Tennessee call "blackberry winter". Sigh...

But something seems to happen on May 1st. The cold switch just gets turned off, and on we go to the better things in life. Warmth, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, tomatoes, vitamin D and lots of sweat! If only I lived on the coast I could add sand between the toes on my list.

Welcome to SPRING and enjoy the NEW LIFE that God has offered us not just every Spring, not just every May 1st, but every day of our life.
Have a blessed day and a Great Resurrection Sunday!!!!

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