Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Mantel

My ever evolving Fall Mantel.

Do you ever feel like you just can't ever get it right?

I am working on a little project - my moving announcement cards, never mind that I moved to this house a month ago. I think that I could have ordered the top of the line custom made cards, and would have spent WAY less time and money that I have by being "frugal" and making them myself. I have so reached that point of "I reeeeally am tired of this and I don't want to finish them", insert whine. But they are there, half finished spread out on my table in my crafting room that I can't organize because I am overwhelmed with all of the stuff on the table. So even if they don't get sent out till Christmas, they will get sent out. They must go, I must be set free. If you get one, please tell me you love them, and that I am a geniousously creative person although I really am not, I am really a resourceful copycat person. but still, they are cute and you will love them. So the real reason I'm posting today, is because I came downstairs to get my glue sticks that I bought yesterday because I ran out while working on the mentioned project (if you get one you will know why). Twenty minutes later, I have a re-arranged "Fall Mantel" and no glue stick when I walk up the stairs. When I got to the craft room, I didn't even know why I left... So here I came back downstairs to get them AGAIN, but here I am telling you about it. Giggle with me... Glue sticks in hand I am on my way back up the steps to get back to work. Sigh... I love procrastination.

Please, please, please ignore the ugly light thing at the top left corner.

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