Monday, January 11, 2010

The $200 breakfast

Today, we have yet another snow day. No school. Doesn't seem quite right. Although we can get out fine even though our driveway looks like this:


I feel like we are being naughty or something. I an not liking it much. The only part I enjoy is sleeping in, the rest of the day always seemes to drag on and my boys get restless and bored, and fight too much.
But as I said, the whole sleeping thing is great, I love to sleep. Isaac, my 11 year old, decides to fix breakfast, which I love, but today things went a little south. I woke up hearing and smelling him cook. Fried turkey slices, scrambled eggs and their favorite, fried cheese. Basically, they just put the sliced cheese on the non-stick pan and cook it till it gets crispy, not burnt. Evedently, Isaac decided that the non-stick skillet "smelled bad" and decided to use my super special birthday gift, my All-Clad $200 skillet. Mike and I call it The Golden Pan. We are still debating if it was really worth the money, but in the meantime, it's mine, it's valuable, it works well, so I treat it nicely! Elijah comes running to my room and sais: "Will you fix me breakfast, Isaac ruined your nice pan." Well, as you can imagine, my precious sleep was over and I darted to the kitchen to find this:


OH! Lordy!

I'm really hoping that by the end of the day I will have a new post with a picture of a clean sparkling pan.
I may be cooking some tomato sauce in it. Last time I made spaghetti sauce in it, I left it sitting for a while (to lazy to clean up right away) and when I did get to cleaning it, it was cleaner than ever. It must be the acidity. Lets hope so!

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