Thursday, January 14, 2010

Singing to the enemy

We tend to drift in and out of frienships. Our marriages have their ups and downs, and with the Lord we tend to do the same (drift in and out, have ups and downs). I have been on a "down", "do myself" attitude lately. But as I begin approaching the bottom of the pit, I tend to turn my eyes back on him, and realize how good I had it when I let him take care of me. So as I prayed yesterday one request I had was that he would show himself to me again somehow. He always does, and as I have mentioned before, when I ask and look for him he appears! Well, in true God faithfulness he showed up in a realy weird way again. Although not so weird to me since he has spoken to me on the radio before.

Isaac, my 11 year old teenager, and I were having our typical morning radio wars. Somethimes I'm in a very bad mood and music is the last thing I want. I must admit that I'm not very musical,I have very little music appreciation, and most of the time it is just noise to me. I love quiet. Silence is peace to me. Isaac, on the other hand, is the type that always want's and "needs" noise. He does his homework with music on, he watches TV with music on, he works on the computer with music on. AHHHH! It drives me crazy!!! But I try so hard to not be a fuddy duddy and give him some reasonable freedom. So, if there is actual singing going on (not talking to the beat of some horrible rythm) and I can take it, then I will listen and even try to enjoy. So, me in my very good mood this morning, I had had plenty of sleep, 3 cups of green tea, and ready for a normal day at work, decided that music was OK, even my least favorite radio station.

And there she was. Some unknown chick singing some song I had never heard before, but the lyrics caught my attention. God said, listen and sing!!!

(yea, soory it get's chopped off. I dont't know how to fix that. If you want to see it on youtube go HERE.

By the way, the part that says "he can't get me out of his head", I heard: "he can't get me out of his hand", so it ment more to me that way.

You, sing along with me to the ENEMY! and speak truth!

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