Friday, October 14, 2011

My gorgeous rug and groovy chairs. A match made in heaven.

About 5 years ago my in-laws were living in Smyrna GA. The Church that my father-in-law was pastoring was emptying out their basement of the fellowship building because the building was going to be demolished. Mike went down to help them and guess what he came back with? The craziest, grooviest chairs you have ever seen!

However, they sat in out garage for years because they are bar stools and we had no place to put them. I kept wondering what to do with them. Should I paint them? Do something different to the seats? But I never found the inspiration to do anything. So they sat and served wonderfuly as housing to my vast collection of spiders.

When we moved to Texas and bought our house, I was thrilled that we had a bar in our kitchen and that I would get to put my stools there. They are so out of place because my house is quite Traditional. But that is not going to stop me. Oh no! I love these chairs and I will make them fit in.

I have been forever looking for rugs for my house. And I refuse to spend money on anything just to get by. I have promised myself that I will only buy what I LOVE even if I have to wait. Which I will be waiting quite a bit because I can's get it all at once anyway.

So, as it turns out the chairs and the gorgeous rug I recently found at Crate and Barrel are a match made in heaven. I am so happy. The rest of the house will just have to begin to flow from here.



You are envious! I can tell.
Here is a closer look at the delicious colors of my new area rug:



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