Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We've Moved! It's Finally out!

The creative process is fun. I love creating and learning how to create. These past few years I have been learning to think outside the box and allowing God to show his creativity through me. Although when people tell me that I am creative I refuse to accept the compliment. I feel like I am a fraud, so my answer always is the same. I am not creative, just resourceful.

Trying to come up with something creative is fun. But the work that follows many times leaves me wishing that I had never begun. But most of the time the end result makes it all worth it.
In my creative efforts I decided to "save money" and make my own awesome change of address cards.
I must tell ya' though, the next time I move (hopefully NEVER) don't expect anything cutesy from me. I'll be sitting my tired tush down in front of the computer and picking out a very cool address change/moving announcement cards and letting someone else do the work. I'll even pay the extra money to have the addresses put on there, and pay a child to lick my envelopes!

There is just something about receiving a card or letter in the mail these days that isn't a bill or yet another credit card approval notice. So, I hope that if you got a card you enjoyed the effort I put into them. If you didn't get one, lucky you, today you get to see what I did.

These are not in good order

1. Did lost of research and looked at dozens of inspiration ideas.

2. Picked out what I liked best. I forgot where it is, so I can't give credit. It was some sort of paper company I think

3. Buy paper, lots of it. Copy paper, and green scrapbook parer to match the toll roads on the map (the regular roads are purple which is not my color) and envelopes too, because believe it or not, I was actually planning on making my own envelopes too!!! OH. MY. WORD. Thank you Lord for delivering me from that one.

4. I chose 2 maps. One for the envelope lining and one for the insert.
I used the Bing map and narrowed it down to the general area. I was very intentional in the fact that I wanted to include Dallas, Fort Worth and the airport as a point of reference to our location. (the airport btw, is straight north from the office building)

5. Pasted on a star for our address and an office building for the area where Mike works. By the way, he has a 45-50 minute commute.

6. Made another label with the "key" to the map. Our address and Mike's work info.

7. Bought some color ink so I could print all the info at my brother-in-law's house, he had the best pritnter.

7. Hopefully the card you got directed you to me!

8. Ordered the stickers and bought the cute boot stamp. (I wanted to give it a Texas flair)

9. Bought raffia, more green paper because I kept running out, and lots of glue sticks, because I kept running out of those too. (They are such a ripoff!!)

10. Gathered addresses, and narrowed it down to about 70 people.

11. Cut, wrote, pasted, tied, licked. Did lots of that. Repeat.

12. Some of your envelopes I even kissed because I love you so much.

This is what 70 people received, and today you do too:

Turn it around and see this:

open it up right and see this:

Pull out the map:

and see this:

flip it to next page and see this:

Nah, just resourceful.

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