Thursday, December 15, 2011

My First Fudge


Although I am 42 years old and I love to cook, believe it or not, I have never made fudge before! I'm asking myself right now how on earth have I made it without this fudge in my life? I think that one of the reasons is because I never thought of myself as a fudge lover, I like fudge, but I never choose fudge, if you know what I mean. But let me tell ya', this fudge is worth choosing. Also I always figured that it was just too much of a hassle. When I was a girl I remember watching my dad make candy, peanut brittle, and caramel popcorn, oh, they were to die for, but looked so hard to make that I never really thought of learning how to do them myself. But this recipe is actually real simple and seemingly fool proof.

So, I'm sort of on this quest to make 12 delicious masterpieces for the 12 days of Christmas. I was a little ahead of myself and have made several already and will will be posting some of them later on and out of order.

Here is what I have made so far:

Cran-Pistachio Cookies, very, very good!

Red Velvet Cake Balls, to die for!

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks, just simple loveness. I make these every year and every holiday, just change the color of the sprinkles. These are Elijah's favorite to make and eat.
Here are some that we made a couple of years ago for Valentines Day.


But today's masterpiece:
Grannie's Fudge



Now isn't that prertty! I fancied them up a little so Mike could take them to work and impress everyone at the office. A little dangerous first impresion to give though. Don't these scream fabulous, gorgeous, totally put together woman? Mercy, I'll never live up to my fudge. Good thing his office is an hour away.

No need for me to tell you how to make these. My Friend Edie from Life in Grace has a marvelous post that you can follow. She has a fabulous Blog. Go ahead and check her out. She is an amazing cook. You can try any of her recipes with total confidence. My personal favorites are Rocky Top Chili, which I'm making today, yay!, and Chipotle Pumpkin Barley Soup (only , I make mine with rice), a must for the first cold days in the fall.

For today go, go try Grannie's Fudge for yourself. You must take her advice and wear the stretchy pants, I'm so glad I wore mine today.

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