Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Greek(ish) Pork Pita

I got this recipe from one of the most amazing men I know. He is a bachelor (God only knows why!); he is good looking, an adventurous outdoorsman, a dedicated follower of the living Christ, and a fabulous cook to boot. A true catch. If you ever move to Morristown, TN. and you want to meet a real man, you will have to contact me, I will have to interview you, then refer you to his work associate so she can interview you as well, and then we will decide if we are willing to introduce you to him. A true gem. I have a reader or two who knows exactly who I'm talking about.

I have slightly modified this recipe to suit my taste, plus it just doesn't seem right to steal from him. I wish I could give him full credit, but he shall remain anonymous until further notice.

The reason that this is Greek(ish) is because the marinade would not be considered very Greek. Let's just move on and you'll just see.

Oh, well, let's just see first, shall we?


Is your mouth watering yet?

Greek(ish) Pork Pita

First you need to make the Greek(ish) yogurt dip

1 cup fat free Greek yogurt
¼ cup good olive oil (so much for the fat free part)
1Tbsp. lemon juice (start with less and add to taste)
½ tsp. salt
1 cup peeled, seeded, and finely chopped cucumber
1 avocado peeled and diced

Mix all and let sit. The longer it hangs out, the better the flavors meld.
*Note: I don't particularly care for regular cucumbers. I splurge and always buy English cucumbers. They are the really long ones that come wrapped in plastic. They are supposedly burpless and seedless. But I just like the flavor and consistency better. I don't bother seeding the seeds that are not even supposed to be there.
Also, the original recipe calls for minced garlic. I don't like raw garlic, (I always feel like I'm tasting it for days). But if you like it, knock yourself out, just add ½ tsp.

If you make this a day ahead, wait till almost serving time to add avocado, although the yogurt and the lemon protect it from browning, it's not that big a deal.

2 lbs. pork loin
½ cup olive oil
¼ cup fresh lemon juice
¼ cup fresh orange juice
1 tsp. chili powder
2 Tbsp. minced garlic
½ tsp. salt
pepper to taste

Pita Bread, or any other flat(ish) bread

Take the pork loin and slice it into really thin slivers. Put them in a zip-lock bag and pour in the marinade ingredients. If you are making this for dinner, begin marinade in the morning. You could even start it the night before. 

Don't panic. This photo is of what I made today. I only had a little bit of pork left over from the other day and adjusted the amount of my marinade ingredients accordingly.  You will have way more than this.


When ready to cook, brown in a pre-heated skillet with olive oil. The original recipe says to grill them. It turns out great that way. I highly recommend you do it. But, I don't have a grill (I know, I know, poor me...)
plus it's a mess. You need to take some wooden skewers and soak them in water for a good while (at least 30-40 minutes), then take each slice of meat and slide through the skewer. You only have to grill 4-5 minutes per side. Here is what mine looked like in my pan, plus it is much faster.


Assemble and eat your heart out. This is actually one of my absolute favorite meals. I am going to confess to you that I have been known to eat just the yogurt dip by the spoonfuls.



Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.....
I just remembered, I have a tomato that must get eaten, pronto.



Now, THAT's what I'm talkin' about baby!

No rules here, but I do give you my permission to eat the yogurt dip with a spoon, if there is any left.

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